In the corporate world, change is the name of the game. So it shouldn't surprise us that in an effort to bring only the best to its diners, Jim and Holly Cella decided to make Paso Robles history by parting ways with Momma Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear. Serving local meat and produce is anathema to A & W company policy, but more than acceptable to the Cellas, so they decided to change their name to the
21st Street Drive-In.

The sign is new, but it now says, "since 1959," to show that their service, taste and friendliness will remain the same.

Sorry. I don't have a picture to show you. You'll have to drive by and order a hamburger for that. And, yes, they still serve a great tasting home recipe root beer!



A Bit of Trivia:

How and where did A & W
get started? Click on the
A & W logo to find out.


For those of us who have moved away, this will be the place we remember.

Do you know there's still a place where you can get an A & W burger for less than a dollar, but you'll have to join the Air Force and be stationed in Pensacola.

Care Bear
"I'll show you the menu"

The Old Look




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