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      From Gary Peasley to Harold Peters





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Even those who have moved to the Valley still wear boots
and black hats. It's time for another reunion for this wrangler.


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Another wrangler came to town for the reunion, our good
friend, Leon Kantor. Living in the land of perpetual recess,
Leon travels the world, plays lots of golf and enjoys talking
about global warming, especially after this summer. Great
talking to you, Mr. K. Is that a package of Corn Nuts in your


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 Karen and Pat enjoy the old stories about babysitting
and going through tough times. How did we make it
without those 'closer than a brother' relationships?

That's the big Bearcat float behind them. Kudos to those who
kept stuffing the chicken wire in their dreams and nursed
bruised bones and fingers from all that work.


img_0182-dave-barb.jpg (88174 bytes)
Yours Truly in tow behind Barbara Babe ('66). I apologize
for not having near the number of photos I wished for.
Too busy talking to people --- like explaining who I really
was to Diana West after she told me how much she loved
me and my brother in high school . . . Guess I shouldn't
have told her that I wasn't the guy after all. It was the
Shandon Dave Skinner she had swooned over. Although I
DO remember visiting her up on 12th Street and learning
a thing or two about kissing when I was still in grade school.


img_0183-linda.jpg (32706 bytes)
Do you remember Linda Webb? That tall, skinny gal
who used to talk your ear off? Here she is all grown up,
having a wonderful time with her former accomplice,
Jeanette. Linda, thanks for being best friend to my
best friend.


img_0184-pat-harold-marty.jpg (50844 bytes)
Pat Barrett, Harold Peters and Marty Skinner trying to
play catch up in 5 minutes. Here's where the abbreviated
personal history is perfected. At our age, everyone has
a sob story, operation, or disaster to report, so we're good
listeners and encouragers.