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     Tahoe Sunset Thistle



California's Lake Tahoe area provides some of the most photogenic scenery in our great state. Unfortunately, the great pixel painters have already taken the latest and greatest pictures.

So this modest offering is just and only that, some point and shoot for the family.

Barb and I attended a July wedding at South Shore, then meandered around the lake the next day, stopping here and there to check out flora, fauna and lake views. And there will be some typical travel photos mixed in with bunch.

When you click on these thumbnails, press the CTRL key at the same time. This will open a separate window for the picture. You can re-size it down to get a better view, and you won't have to reload this page each time you want to return.



Carissa and Justin  Carissa and Justin

Father's Family     Tradition

Bride's Papa Gary


Needless to say, this was one of those $200 per round golf and country clubs. Nothing was spared to give the 200 guests everything they wanted in a wedding and reception. Cruise food, great dance music and beautiful people. I don't think the professional photographer appreciated my presence, but at least he wasn't rude.

I just looked at his 500+ photos of this event online (where you can buy any you want). Both he and his wife were shooting with state-of-the-art Canon gear. I'll give them a 6 or 7 on the 10 scale for composition, exposure, originality and color. Much less for some. A bit higher for a few. Sorry, folks. Guess I missed my calling.


Flower Girl    Bride's Sisters

Let's Eat   Tahoe Sand

Water Glass and Tablecloth






An early morning drive up the lake's eastern shore blends lots of trees with little bergs and a lot of road construction. Once in awhile you could see the big, blue lagoon with its trademark Sierra range to the west. No clouds. A bit hazy.

The highway meanders somewhat east, then makes a sharp left at the Carson City turnoff. In a few miles, you're overlooking the north end of the lake. Just beautiful with huge boulders thrown into the water, forming natural bays. We want to go back to Sand Harbor, a 1/4 mile or so stretch of sandy beach that is the perfect sun spot in the area.


Below Sand Harbor    Below Sand Harbor Again





Whatever you pictured in your mind about this place heretofore, erase it. It's situated at lake edge, there are no rolling meadows, and the re-created Cartwright home and little western town are built on the side of a steep hill, about 150 yards east of the highway. Pretty unimpressive and hardly reminiscent of any scenes in the TV series, except the inside of the house. You'll pay $25 for two of you to get in. $4 more buys you an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast if you get there early enough.


Hoss House


There are things for the kids, a museum, trinket shop, lots of old vehicles for antique buffs, a license plate collection in the museum (the largest around) and a few places to eat.


Plate Collection   Truck Grill


You may see someone from your hometown or close to it as you can see below --- a Hoover's Cafe in Atascadero T-shirt wearer watching the authentic trick roping event.


Hoover's in Atascadero CA    Great Rope Artist

Brave Kids

 This guy ripped this paper with his whip about three or four times, down to about 6" in width. He hit the boy a few times, but the kid only squirmed a little and wasn't about to show anybody that it hurt. Sheriff Dan (?) wisely chose kids for the stunts since they don't know much about lawsuits yet.