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Here are some memories from Kerry Drennan:

  My grandmother is Mammie Drennan, mother of Loyd S. Drennan, Class of '47 or '46. Grandma worked at Pennys and retired back in the 70's. She worked in the basement of Penny's as the store's supply order/shipper. I would stop by after school and visit grandma.

  I could go through a side door off of 13th Street into Pennys, turn right and go down a flight of stairs.  Also, on the side walk outside there were metal plates that covered an elevator that they would bring supplies into the store . . . A lot of memories at that store and fond memories of Grandma . . . and J.C.Pennys.

Also the Cross, I remember a cross at one time. Believe the Red Cross would have a booth inside for blood drives.

Hope this helps.....

Kerry N. Drennan
Class of 69

Help on this one and let us know what the big cross in the window represents.

The best thing we got to do is go upstairs to the shoe department and dream about throwing shoes over the railing. Not really. I don't think we were ever allowed up there without a parent in tow.