* Remember the old Dresser Ranch hotel?
Here's a
Pioneer Pages article and a yours truly
story about the old place.

* PasoWatch is a local non-profit organization
whose purpose is to "promote economic and environmental policies that maintain and enhance the uniqueness of our community." Are oak trees more
important than tourists? You be the judge.

*The Paso Gathering was a huge success. Photos
coming soon! 

* Nov. 14 --- Back from our vacation to Paso and
area. Updated photos here at the
California Color page.
Be sure to click on the new pages for the Paso Area,
Cambria, and Faces.

* Nov. 1 --- we vote tomorrow, remembering James Kilpatrick's words in 1991, "If there is one civil right
more precious than all the rest, it is the right
to vote." May God have mercy on our souls.

*Just another week before The Paso Gathering event
is the blockbuster happening in Paso Robles. This is
when dozens of Western artists and artisans set up
shop in the Pioneer Museum for the first weekend in
November. Don't miss checking out the fabulous
exhibits, sales and drawings! Yee Haw!!

*Thanks to everyone who made this 74th
Pioneer Day so special and successful. How 'bout
a parade web cam next year so we can watch it
even when we can't be there!

*Wordydave traveled to the S.J. Delta this
morning to get a story on waterlife. 

*Attention, Class of 1974 and ALL Pioneer Day
The 1974 Look  Parade attendees: This is for you. 

*A few new Artsy Page photos for you to peruse.

*The Paso High School band(s) are bigger
and better than ever. The marching band will be
heading to the Peach Bowl for a performance this
December 31 in Atlanta. Check it out here:   

*Kudos to America's newest poet laureate, Ted Kooser,
a resident of Garland, Nebraska. Little known,
few have read his homespun lines that remind
of Robert Frost and other gentle giants. Here's a
sampling of his work, three short poems from his
small press book, Delights and Shadows.  
I'm impressed --- and it takes loads to impress me.

*Who woulda thunk it? You've heard that
'Cotton is King,' but did you also know the stuff can
kill you? Yes, heard straight from the mouth of
student activists, so it must be true.  

* Chronicle of the Old West offers a number
of radio program snippets online.

Tiburcio Vasquez 

  Joseph Mccoy

Horace Greeley
Poker for Cattle The Great Newspaper Battle Sam

* Some of the old California Images pages have been
moved to the California Color site. These included
the 2003 trip to Atascadero and the beach.

* Please help a friend from England find out
more about his relative, Frank Williams, who used
to have a sign shop in Paso and give character
presentations before the movies at the T & D
Theater (
2 new photos). 

* Kudos to the designers and content providers of
the new 13th Street Bridge project website.
The webcam is working and gives you a car-by-car
look at the intersection at the bottom of Creston Road.
The vital info for the project is nicely detailed, too.

* Our late July trip to the Lake Tahoe area is
chronicled for you here:

* A modest offering of old and new faces
greet you with the addition of the
FACES page
on the California Color site.

* Also, please accept a modest apology for not
updating more these past weeks. An overtime issue.

Our Hero * GOVERNOR WATCH: Arnold  is making  rounds in
area malls. I barely got some pictures  when he visited here today. It was an experience that won't be repeated, I hope!

* Carjackers, beware. Don't mess with this
86-year-oldtimer. Of course, other weapons
of defense are available for the chosen few. 

* Rattlesnakes are a huge problem this year.
If you're going camping, hunting, fishing, hiking
or biking, you might want to take a firearm with
you (unless you know of a friendlier way to kill one
of these varmints). You'll find some good snake
discussion at this forum. 

* Now you can watch history being made via
Paso's new webcam, which will be aimed at the
13th Street Bridge widening project. A nice looking
web page greets you, but the cam is still in the final
stages of preparation, apparently.

* Have you "Googlized" anyone at
Googlism.com" yet? Be sure you don't have anything
better to do for awhile.

* Enjoy those small town celebrations as we remember
the birth of our once greater nation. May God have
mercy on us as we look for His blessing in these
trying times. Here are a few shots taken yesterday
in a small California town. Here are some more.

* Time to say goodbye to a pretty mild June
and hello to a who-knows-what July. May everyone
enjoy a safe, sane and patriotic 4th this weekend.

* Accomplished local photographer, Ginnie Guffey,
is sharing  her travel photos with us on the
California Color page. Be sure to see why they
call these places National Parks.

* Michael "Roar" Moore's newest
documaginary is soundly trounced by
Christopher Hitchens on MSN's
online magazine. 

* This month's overtime has put the skids on
adding much for you faithful fans to peruse. Sorry.
Or maybe it's just a geriatric indicator
to being plain tuckered out.

* There are two 80's vintage Mopeds for
sale on eBay. Starting bid = $1.00 each. You
have to pick them up in Paso, though.
 Check them out:    You'll also see a bunch of Mid-State Fair venue tickets.

* "We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free."  Ronald Reagan's legacy is a rich one in
spite of his critics.

* A trip to Jackson, CA today produced
a few new
'artsy' pictures you might take a look-see at.

* One of the best perspectives on the War in Iraq
is from the Iraqis, themselves. Many of them
are writing their own stories about what is going on,
like Omar on his personal blogging site: 

* Our California Color page has updated
the "
Artsy" link. This includes more of the not so
run-of-the-mill photos of the last 40 years.

* The Voice of Paso  website has a great
little video of downtown --- complete with classical
music. A real tear-jerker for some, as shots were
taken before the quake. Click on the little re-size
button and drag a border to make it bigger.

* Congratulations are in order --- Paso Robles
has won the
2004 Great American Main Street Award.

* We're working on a new site called California Color
 but it's still in the progress stage, so all the links
won't work yet. Click on the "NEW" link to find
more pictures of our recent trip to Carrizo Plain.

* Here's help for those West Coast earthquake
wranglers who would like some quake-prep advice:
Earthquake Preparation Information

* Sorry to hear that your local movie, Almost Salinas, was somewhat duddish. More exciting
would be
something like, Almost Paso Robles,
where Templeton and San Miguel wildlife
are featured.

* Most Roblans haven't trekked to their
easterly neighbor, the
Carrizo Plain. Not much
there --- making it a great place to visit and find
some peace and quiet. Plan on it next spring.

* A recent trip to Paso gives us a firsthand look
at the post-earthquake situation.

* Happy 50th Birthday to cousin Robert Anderson who survived growing up in Paso Robles and is now teaching school in the Sacramento area.

* For you photo buffs who need to see
something other than the run of the mill landscape,
vacation, or family photos, check out this site
that majors on
self-portraits with a twist.
These are reflective shots, not direct, so the
creativity level is a bit higher than normal. It's
a lot of fun, international, and it's really
easy to put up your own photos.

* Finally and at last, all of you 'need to know
now' nuts out there can plug directly into Paso's
local blurb and get the latest and greatest
news that's fit to print. Find it at:
Nota bene: This is basically a 'headlines
only' site that wants you to buy the paper, so you
won't be reading any full-length features.

february-long.gif (601 bytes)

* Busy, busy and there was a mix-up in receiving the
Paso Robles Press here in the hinterlands, so
there hasn't been much news to post. But to assuage
you culturally starved Roblans and viewers, here
is a photo review of my recent trip to see the Governor.
Unfortunately, it was on the weekend, so he was
elsewhere. You'll have to be content with seeing
how our California tax dollars are being spent on
your beautiful
State Capitol building.

january-long.gif (559 bytes)

* Many of you purchased the All-60's Reunion Souvenir Book and Video in October. For those who didn't, now is the time to put in your order. If you went to Paso High during the 60's, you'll love having these great memory makers.

* Vingenuity photos of earthquake
damage add Highway 46 perspective. 

* Take a winter break from city realities
and enjoy creation's gift of golden and bald
eagles at
Lake San Antonio. Tours are cheap.

be found at: www.PasoRoblesGoForward.com.

* It's  Travels With Wordy  time to visit
San Francisco Bay at night for a dinner cruise. 

* Let's reminisce about 24th
and Spring Streets

* The latest news from Paso tells us that
the high school most of us went to will have to
be demolished due to earthquake damage. Billy Fell  Built in
1924, the 1959 retrofitting wasn't up to today's
standards. So it's time to take a last look at the old
place if you can and keep those old pictures you have.

* Here's a captioned photo history of the
various schools in Paso Robles and the county.
Do you know where the first school was?
Did you know it only taught in Spanish?
(thanks to Rich Cantrell for this link)

* Paso's hometown boy, Marty Skinner, was one
of 850 Starbucks employees, spouses and friendsStarbucks
who decorated this year's
Rose Bowl Parade float.
Way to go, brother! Your entry won a prize!

* Another year is slapping us in the face and
yelling, "Outface the brow of bragging horror!"
Actually, it was Shakespeare who said it,
King John, Act V, Scene 1

* Keep those resolutions flowing, friends. Here are
a few you may not have thought of:
Resolutions for your Computer
Resolutions about Politics
Resolutions about Personal Development
Resolutions about Smoking
Reminder Service to Keep Your Resolutions
* NBA New Year's Resolutions
* Resolutions for Helping Animals
* New Year's Resolutions for CIO's




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* Thanks to Richard Cantrell, who is providing pictures of the '49-'59 reunion held in February. Looks like everyone had a great time trying to figure out who all those old people were. Just click here and you'll be magically transferred to these unforgettable photos.
You'll still need Rich's e-mail address keyed in (rcantrell@satx.rr.com) and a password: PRHS56