* (28th) Brother Marty also grew up in Paso
but never saw a plane land or blimp moored at
Sherwood Field. It was called the Naval Outlying
Field in those days. Read all about it here:
Thanks, Marty, for forwarding this story to me.

* (17th) A few more hectic days before Christmas.
Paso Robles is in the swing of decoration, especially
on Vine Street. In Sacramento, a gentleman spent over
$92,000 on his lights and decorations. His electric
bill must be a mere pittance for him, but a year's worth
for us poor folk.

* (17th) The inattention given to the website is again
due to overtime distractions. Any volunteer elves
out there to help with providing content? A story
on the reindeer population in Paso might get some

* (30th) Poor Paso's clogged roadways problem has led
to a boom in bladder relief products for your car
or truck. No need to get to where you're going before
taking that all-important break. Seriously, the best
brains in town are continuing to work on this dilemma,
and its big sister problem: PARKING. Read about
it here:

* (21st) The Paso Gathering was a great success. We'll have event pictures up soon. I've just finished sorting
over 600 photos of our vacation, including lots of the Gathering for your perusal. Thanks to everyone who
made us feel like real Roblans for a week!
Here's a
sneak peek.

* (21st) Lucas was kind enough to include a link to
this website on his
Paso Robles Wineries site.
If you look hard enough you'll find their link in the
 center column conglomeration. 

* (2nd) To get you in the mood for the Paso Gathering  festivities at the Pioneer Museum this weekend,
here is a dose of
cowboy love poetry that's sure to
please all you lonely rangers out there.

* Just one more week before another great event
happens ---
The Paso Gathering at the Pioneer Museum.
This is your opportunity to support Western Art and
Artisans and the local roots and history of
Paso Robles that the museum provides. It's not too
late to plan for a great weekend, Nov. 5 and 6.

* Overtaken by a wave of nostalgia, Paso High alumnus,Mighty 1961 Senior Don French, gives tribute to that  memorable and wonderful teacher,  Miss Catherine Easterling
Thanks, Don, for reminding us of 
those unforgettable years. 
Attention all alumni --- Please 
send me your stories and I'll 
consider posting them as well. 

* Montage-a-Google is a creative approach to
finding images on the Web and making a 108 photo
'quilt' of almost any word or name you key in.
Try keying 'wordydave' and see who you get.

* Local demographics taken from the 2000 census
for Paso Robles can be found at
Thanks to Gary Smith and Kim Komando for this link.

* Pictures of the big event are in. See some of the
Pioneer Day festivities here:

* Be sure to visit Paso's Pioneer Museum south of the
fairgrounds after you watch the parade and eat
your beans Saturday the 8th. There will be a 2 p.m.
dedication of the newly restored Geneseo country
school house among other great events and stuff.

* Paso's Pioneer Day replays in another week.
I have to miss it this year, so if anyone wants to send
me a few photos of any of the events, I'll post them.

* In 2003 Michael Crichton addressed the
Commonwealth Club about environmentalism as
a religion. His most intriguing statement is,
"environmentalism has already killed somewhere
between 10-30 million people since the 1970's."
This is a must read that is found on his website:

report the loss of one of our Paso Gathering Artists and
friend, Joelle Smith. A fund raiser and silent auction
to help cover her medical and other expenses is being
held in Santa Clarita September 17. 
http://www.cowboypoetry.com/joellesmithbenefit.htm http://www.calclassics.net/benefit.htm
Joelle's website is   http://www.joellesmith.com/
For information call: 209-239-4556

* Congratulations are in order for:
1. The newest Grand Marshal and Queen for this
year's Pioneer Day festivities,
Bob and Alberta Lewis.
2. The new Pioneer Day Belle, Kayla Roth.
3. Matthew Fox, new editor or the Paso Robles Press.
4. Hwy 46 East widening to start.
5. Paso's David Opferman, Police Officer of the Year.
6. A successful 2nd annual Main Street Olive Festival.
7. Our friend, Kathy McIntire's retirement after
30 years in the hair-raising business.
Looks like a lot of good things are happening in the
culture center of the Central Coast.

* For those old timers who are interested: Bob Lewis
graduated with my dad, Don Skinner, in 1939 in San
Luis Obispo. I inherited a copy of the program that
you can see here:  Patriotism was high in those days
as you'll see.

* Mayor Gets Revenge!  Paso's celebrated mayor has
more to celebrate with his first book publishing deal.
Hints: Mix a neurosurgeon, fisherman, a
district attorney and a man who is curious about
the smell of sidewalk cement together, and what do you get? You'll have to find out for yourself. Hats off to
Frank Mecham and his current Paso passion.

* Wow! I missed it! National Punctuation Day was
yesterday the 22nd. Me, of all people! Shame, shame on me, myself and I! This is a fun site for all you word
nerds out there. You can get humorous t-shirts,
ideas on what to do on NPDay and my favorite:
You can take a picture of any punctuation errors you
might see around your town, and this guy will post
them for the world to see! Pretty cool revenge for
us loony, lexicon lover types. (Now, please don't
send me red-penciled notes highlighting the errors
you see on this page, like using too many
exclamation marks --- thanks!)

* Thanks to Matthew Fox for a great sports article and
photos in the Aug. 17 issue of the Paso Robles Press.
It highlights the
local karate dojo and its sensei,
David Rogers.  David, you're looking great at 60!

* Thanks, surfers, for making your pasorobles-usa.com site one of Google's Gold Hat sites. The guys from
the Black Hats websites are jealous. Just key
in Paso Robles History or Paso Robles USA in a Google search and see what is first on the list.

* The 2005 Mid-State Fair has now melted into
 history.  Next big and exciting event is Pioneer Day,
so make your plans now! In what other California culture center can you wear that cowboy hat, boots and bolo tie without being branded insane?

* Now that the days aren't as blistering, there's
no excuse for missing the second annual Paso Robles Olive Festival in the city park on the 27th. Lots
of stuff to see and taste.

* Earthquake watchers and awaiters. Good news
from the Parkfield.

* Get ready for another wave of legal immigrants
to Paso Robles as it is being touted as the
3rd best
place to live in America. Remember, I'm just the
reporter. I apologize if this is old news.

* Guess I missed this story about Camp Roberts back
in May when those 25  stolen vintage wallets were discovered in an air duct. You can read about it here:

*Thanks to the many loyal patrons of this website
 as visits reached 50,000 this month. What an honor
for a country bumpkin like me! 

* Hot enough for you? One week of over 100 degrees
is taxing on us old fogeys who grew up with air
conditioning (at least after the Oak Park days).
How would you like to
cool your house or commercial
building in the summer for next to nothing?

* Local photographer Ginnie Guffey and hubby Jack
enjoyed a brief visit to
Mexico with two other
couples. Here's a sample of the sights.

* A day trip to the Sierra was a wonderful
time to explore
Hwy 88 and Hope Valley.

* Some of us are shedding a few tears hearing that
the old high school is being demolished due to
earthquake damage. This place  was more
than bricks, mortar and a few facelifts. It was
that home away from home where you learned life
lessons, fell in love for the first time, and 
glimpsed the future with new eyes.
To the powers that be: Please make some old bricks
available as keepsakes for the old alumni crowd.
And, yes, we'll pay for them.

* Another July 4th celebration is here. Raise those
flags and hearts in memory of those who took action
and created the greatest government the world has
known - one founded on Biblical principles -
and one that will cease to exist without them.

* The California Color page has been updated a bit.
Sorry, but I sneaked in a few photos of Tennessee.

* Wow! Check out all those Paso and Templeton
High graduates in the Paso Robles Press.
Congratulations to all (Shandon High, too).
See a sampling of faces and enter the contest here:

* Paso will soon be on the world map when the BBC
will televise a
series highlighting great California
wine and food destinations. This 13 part production
will also be seen here on Great Chefs TV and on selected airline flights. I'd say something really sarcastic here, but I don't want to rock the canoe.

* Paso Robles has its share of listed sex offenders
that you should be aware of.  No, this isn't the
perfect place to live and certainly isn't the nice
little town we grew up in.
The latest to find himself under the public microscope
is complaining about the reception he's getting.
Details in the
Tribune. In the Press.

* We're back from vacation, trying to get adjusted
to California life again. Nothing like paying $1.88 per
gallon for gas in Tennessee.

* Don Wilson has updated his Highway 101 Project
website again with more old and new photos (and
great stories to go with them). Please visit
and send him an appreciative e-mail.

* Can anyone tell me what the latest status is on
Paso's culture war between vintners and ranchers?
Seems there is still a bit of animosity in the discussion
about who's more important and what's best for the

* Imagine that your pool service costs $250,000
per year. That's what Paso pays for their two pools,
and now there is a move to add another,  bigger one.
the story and see what you think.

* Congratulations to the Paso Robles Pioneer Museum
as they celebrate a newly designed website. Be sure
to visit the NEWS page and enter their Treasure Hunt
contest. A
HUGE thanks goes to Milene Radford for
helping me with all the details.

* So you think living in the desert is the pits?
Here's another reason to stay away from those sandy
landscapes, especially at a base in Iraq.

* Happy Birthday to my most better half, Barbara.
She's the greatest, there's little doubt.

* Thanks to Betsy Wood for submitting this story
about the infamous
Dalton Gang brothers who visited
the Cholame and Estrella areas in 1891.

* Former Roblan and cousin, Paul Cockrell, is one ofT 26 three air tanker pilots who died while  testing a  P-3 Orion in Lassen National  Forest Wednesday. His brother, Gary  Cockrell, was killed in 1995 piloting an air tanker in Southern California. Here is a picture of
the plane, T26. You can read or add your condolences

* "Author! Author!" cried locals a few weeks ago
as Author's Day was celebrated in San Miguel. Over
a dozen local writers were featured at this
premier event, including former test pilot, George
Marrett, who has published The Aviator,
a biography of Howard Hughes. You can read the
whole story here:
Congratulations to all.

* More backyard close-ups, including those
little critters you don't want crawling on you.

* Happy April  No Foolin' Day. To celebrate,
you Roblans need to join the local
SLO Freecycle
Yahoo group and learn to participate in a save-the-earth
endeavor. The idea is to start giving away all of your
unwanted junk (or not) to anyone in the are who will
take it (and probably sell it on eBay). Or vice versa.

* Another Resurrection Morning to celebrate on
the 27th. We live a hopeless existence without this
wonderful and true miracle of life.

* Paso's Mayor Frank Mecham takes pen in hand
to write
a wonderful tribute to his longtime friends.
May we all be so blessed in our own friendships.

* You might want to search the Paso Robles Press
classifieds online so you can return that Rolex watch
you found and receive $1000, or buy that California Valley home east of Paso for only $275K.

* It's California Wildflower Month, so get out there
and get your money's worth out of that digital
camera you never use anymore. There won't be another
month like this in your lifetime, most likely. Take
your kids and grandkids with you, too. Just don't tell
them all of those stories about when you were a REAL
Flowerchild. (I don't think it's really Wildflower
Month, but it should be)

* Enjoy a sampler of Atascadero's foremost
wildflower photographer here:

* The SLO Tribune interview of yours
truly that never was is now available for your perusal.
They were interested until hearing that Wordydave
isn't a local yokel. Hey, it's only the Tribune, right?

Kohl's* Here we go again. More buying  opportunities for 
Paso Roblans as the new Kohl's  Department Store 
opens its doors. This is the place to  visit if it's beneath 
your social status to shop at K-Mart or  WalMart. It's all about image, you  know. According to the
local news article, store manager Jackie Piper says, "there's a lot of potential in Paso Robles." Translate that 'money.'


* The old Geneseo school clock is back home,
but this time on Riverside Avenue, where the historic
school resides these days at the Pioneer Museum.
The restoration project is going smoothly. Just look at
the guys they've got working on it!
 Click here
to see Dave Steaffens, Bob Bryant, Gary Smith, Jack Guffey and Bill Minshull 
horsing around.

* Not much to do here but enjoy the rain after
viewing The Aviator, except take some pictures
on the way back from the theatre. This was
beautiful storm

*We're still taking pictures here and there for
my sister to critique. Not really. The latest few are
at the
California Color/Artsy page.

* Congratulations to little Bobby Allison who retired
from the auto parts world last month after 40
years. There's a great article at the

PR Press Online

january-long.gif (559 bytes)

* Here's a wonderful site constructed by Don Wilson
highlighting the original trail of
Hwy 101.  Great
photos and text reveal the remnants and history
of this famous cement roadway. Thanks, Don, for
preserving this part of our past and present.

* Congratulations to Mayor Frank Mecham,
Paso's Roblan of the Year. This is one busy guy
who has a big heart for Paso and its people.

* Just because you might live in a small California
town doesn't mean there aren't any sex predators
nearby. Please use the
Megan's Law website
to see (literally) who might be living by your kids
and grandkids.

* In order to facilitate this page's loading speed, I've
archived the past two year's monthly updates on
separate pages --- linked in the center column under
2004 and 2003 archives. The existing links have
been better organized and a lot of them deleted.
Newer ones are now yellow.

* Some of you like poetry, but few read 
Central Coast poets. You might be surprised.

* I'm happy to see that the Paso Robles Press is
publishing their full articles online now, so you don't
miss a word of the latest news and views. There's
a link in the first column on this page.

* If you can help -- Sylvia Gonzales, a young Paso
resident is being treated for diabetes after slipping
into a coma in December. She has kidney failure
and is on a breathing machine. Friends of the family
are asking for donations to help with the costs.
Contact Citibank--Medical Relief Fund in Atascadero.
Account # 270252794. 

* Happy, blessed and wonderful New Year to you all
from Wordydave and family.  

* Another year is slapping us in the face and
yelling, "Outface the brow of bragging horror!"
Actually, it was Shakespeare who said it,
King John, Act V, Scene 1

* Keep those resolutions flowing, friends. Here are
a few you may not have thought of:
Resolutions for your Computer
Resolutions about Politics
Resolutions about Personal Development
Resolutions about Smoking
Reminder Service to Keep Your Resolutions
* NBA New Year's Resolutions
* Resolutions for Helping Animals
* New Year's Resolutions for CIO's




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