* (21st) Wes Franklin's place out on Creston Road
used to border one of the few 1/4 mile stretches to race your lean machine in Paso on the east side.
the Franklin homestead is noteworthy for another reason.

* (21st) Paso's Department of Public Works
is proposing to bump up the budget for city street improvements from $400,000 per year to $2.5 million.
You can read the city staff report here: 

* (17th) Just when we thought PG&E was giving us
a refund out of the goodness of their generous heart,
the truth is found in the fine print: They have to.

* (14th) After serving a year and a half in Iraq,
Paso Robles grandmother is ready to retire
from her role as a major in the U.S. Army Reserves.

* (13th) A notable flip-flop in Paso politics places
Mayor Mecham back on the November ballot.
He still has "things to do." Councilman Strong will
keep his hat in the ring and assures us, "I'm not a quitter."

* (12th) This morning's blare of sirens and trucks
driving by triggered my nose for news and journalism,
so I raced down the street and around the corner
to record
an American nightmare first hand. 

college football fans will get a nostalgic
kick out of this story about
John Madden and Pat
when they played for Cal Poly. It includes
airplane horror stories and post-college memories,

* (11th) Old Ennis Business Forms (now just Ennis) has
recently acquired all outstanding stock of Block Graphics in Texas. What? Nobody really cares?

* (11th) An additional 42,000 square feet for sweaty
pates and paunches will be open for business in 2007.
Kennedy Fitness Clubs is adding Paso to its fifth
facility. Now let's hear it for free enterprise.

* (7th) If you're one of the poorer folks who
(because of global warming) can barely make ends
meet due to high gas prices (due to global warming),
and you want see the new Al Gore film but can't afford
it (did I say because of global warming?),
here is a place that will give you a
free ticket.

* (7th) And for those of you who don't see any humor
in Global Warming (guess I better start capitalizing it),
you'll get a glimpse of it here in
another yukumentary

* (1st) Who's afraid of The Big Bad Shark? Not
 surfers Josh Reed and Wes Gilbert of Paso.

* (30th) For those of you who've never had a train
derail close to your backyard
, these pictures are
for you. Thankfully, no one was injured, but the
explosive crash sure scared a lot of neighbors!
They're still fixing it today after about 24 hours.
These pictures will be taken down this week due to
fears of lawsuit against the photographer.

* (28th) The heat has beat a retreat, but not without
making headlines for Paso's neighbor to the north,
Bradley, where things were really cookin' last week.

* (23rd) Wow! Where's the swimming pool and iced
Remember July 22, 1961? The thermometer
reached 115 degrees. Yesterday in Paso it was 114.
Good Al Gore weather, for sure!

* (17th) Finally, finally, finally, the newly widened
13th Street Bridge is open for business. After the
initial confusion and mayhem settles down, it will be
zip, zip, zip to your favorite destination. But
isn't happy

* (17th) Congratulations to the City Council for
approving the addition of the words, "
In God
We Trust
,"  to be displayed during their
meetings. The people have spoken.

* (14th) Susan and Dennis Lyons of Paso visits the
National Soaring Museum in Big Flats, N.Y. Read
her 'awestruck' story.

* (14th) Finally, the home prices in Paso are destined
to drop to present Alabama levels.

* (3rd) Freedom rings in the hearts of all true,
red-blooded Americans today as they prepare to
celebrate another birthday tomorrow. Need some
food or celebration ideas?

- There are a few new California Images slideshows
for you photo buffs out there. 

* (26th) Congratulations are in order to:
Matt Drummond, former Bearcat baseball pitcher
for deciding to go to UCLA instead of straight to the
Baltimore Orioles. This kid can pitch over 90 mph.
Congratulations also to the
Elijah Project team that
recently built and launched a rocket over 6000'
on a dairy farm in Tripoli.
And a big bravo for Centennial Park's
new water slide. But it will never match the old slide
at Resthaven. Sorry.

* (20th) In city politics: Mayor Mecham will bow out
of the November mayoral race,  ending
his  successful career in public service with a big smile
on his face. Thanks, Frank, for the leadership skills that are setting the course for Paso's future. Enjoy your 'retirement.'

* (24th) New quotes in the first column worth reading.

* (24th) There are a few more updates on Don Wilson's
Hwy 101 Project site. The added old bridges in
Atascadero and San Luis Obispo are worth mentioning.
Scroll to the bottom of his Updates page.

Love Birds   * (21st) Happy and glorious anniversary wishes to Wordydave and Barbara Sue. 35 years and counting!

* (16th) Hats off to the Templeton Eagles' girl's
softball team as they recently defeated Coast Union
34-0. Pitcher, Kat Hicks struck out 14 batters and
didn't allow any base runners for 5 innings. Wow!

* (16th) The mission in San Miguel is on the Endangered Historic Places list after damage received in the 2003 earthquake. With enough help ($15 million)
the area's landmark can be fully restored.

* (16th) They've removed the landmark swing from
Paso's city park, fearing lawsuits. You won't see
 other 'old-fashioned' contraptions like teeter-
totters, either.
"No playing on the playground" will
soon be posted in all schools if some folks have
their way.

* (6th) Have you read The Da Vinci Code?
Dr. Irwin Lutzer from the Moody Church in
 Chicago will be answering questions and critiquing
this very popular book. Dr. Lutzer's visit to the area
will include a night at Atascadero Bible Church.
That's Thursday, May 11 at 7 p.m. 

* (2nd) Please support your local  military base by attending the Camp  Roberts Open House this Saturday.  Admission and BBQ are FREE! So  is this here poster:   


* (27th) New color from Ginnie's Light to enjoy.
(Plus some poetry for you culture-starved masses)

* (25th) Congratulations to Roblan Steve Clark
for winning $10,000 on television
's Deal or No Deal. The IRS will be knocking on your door soon, so have
the donuts and coffee ready.

* (24th) Paso mourns the passing of longtime
educator and friend:

* (24th) After taking hundreds of vacation
pictures, there are a few posted for your viewing:
Morro Rock and Shell Creek

* (1st) Don Wilson's Historic Hwy 101 website
has added the King City page along with other updates.
Please note his new domain name:

* (29th) New traffic improvements will be the talk
of the town.

* (25th) Let's see . . . as far as I can remember, I
enjoyed a pretty peaceful night's sleep in Oak Park
on January 14, 1954. I was seven years young,
and contentedly oblivious to the fact that history
was being made at the end of Spring Street.

USS Iowa* (25th) Help save the USS Iowa. Bids are
currently being taken to find a home for this world
famous WWII destroyer, and Paso Robles could
be that winning bidder. Here's a picture of what it would look like:
Detailed information can be found here:

* (12th) Rain and snow are blanketing our great
state of California. The Gold Country is under up to
18" of the stuff and there's even some around
Paso Robles.

* (4th) New cameras beg affection, so there are
a few new pixels to show on the
California Color page.

* (1st) Here's a plug for the Paso Robles Children's
located in the old firehouse downtown.
It's not open yet, but they could use your help!

* (24th) Here's a wonderfully written article about
San Miguel developer, Gordon Marshall, and the
fix he's found himself in. (Forgive my dangling
preposition, Milene)

* (14th) Free cats available to all of you Roblan
cat lovers after a short drive to

* (13th) You ain't seen nuthin' till you've
Michael Jackson's Thriller performed by
Lego actors. DSL will help here. Patience is a plus.

* (13th) Everyone in Paso enjoys visiting Slabtown.
What, you don't know where that is? Well,
you better find out before someone tests your area history intelligence.

* (12th) More fun stuff in the Paso Police Log.

* (11th) The almonds are blooming in Paso. See a
sample here:

january-long.gif (559 bytes)

* (23rd) So you want to know the Paso Prognosis?
Mayor Mecham's
State of the City 2006 speech
is available online. The
Little City that Could is
chugging right along.

* (21st) Moving right along this month are you?
There's a new area on this site called
For Sale Stuff
.  Not much there yet, but that
may change. It's not eBay, but at least you know where
to find this seller if you're a disgruntled buyer.

* (14th) New Paso Police Log items for your entertainment.

* (1st) Welcome to another fresh start. The new year promises the mundane, more pain, brain drain and more of the same --- along with added zeal, the latest deal, great happy meals and fancy cartwheels. Time to lose those pounds and frowns and say 'yes' to tomorrow!

* (28th) Brother Marty also grew up in Paso
but never saw a plane land or blimp moored at
Sherwood Field. It was called the Naval Outlying
Field in those days. Read all about it here:
Thanks, Marty, for forwarding this story to me.

* (17th) A few more hectic days before Christmas.
Paso Robles is in the swing of decoration, especially
on Vine Street. In Sacramento, a gentleman spent over
$92,000 on his lights and decorations. His electric
bill must be a mere pittance for him, but a year's worth
for us poor folk.

* (17th) The inattention given to the website is again
due to overtime distractions. Any volunteer elves
out there to help with providing content? A story
on the reindeer population in Paso might get some

* (30th) Poor Paso's clogged roadways problem has led
to a boom in bladder relief products for your car
or truck. No need to get to where you're going before
taking that all-important break. Seriously, the best
brains in town are continuing to work on this dilemma,
and its big sister problem: PARKING. Read about
it here:

* (21st) The Paso Gathering was a great success. We'll have event pictures up soon. I've just finished sorting
over 600 photos of our vacation, including lots of the Gathering for your perusal. Thanks to everyone who
made us feel like real Roblans for a week!
Here's a
sneak peek.

* (21st) Lucas was kind enough to include a link to
this website on his
Paso Robles Wineries site.
If you look hard enough you'll find their link in the
 center column conglomeration. 

* (2nd) To get you in the mood for the Paso Gathering  festivities at the Pioneer Museum this weekend,
here is a dose of
cowboy love poetry that's sure to
please all you lonely rangers out there.

* Just one more week before another great event
happens ---
The Paso Gathering at the Pioneer Museum.
This is your opportunity to support Western Art and
Artisans and the local roots and history of
Paso Robles that the museum provides. It's not too
late to plan for a great weekend, Nov. 5 and 6.

* Overtaken by a wave of nostalgia, Paso High alumnus,Mighty 1961 Senior Don French, gives tribute to that  memorable and wonderful teacher,  Miss Catherine Easterling
Thanks, Don, for reminding us of 
those unforgettable years. 
Attention all alumni --- Please 
send me your stories and I'll 
consider posting them as well. 

* Montage-a-Google is a creative approach to
finding images on the Web and making a 108 photo
'quilt' of almost any word or name you key in.
Try keying 'wordydave' and see who you get.

* Local demographics taken from the 2000 census
for Paso Robles can be found at
Thanks to Gary Smith and Kim Komando for this link.

* Pictures of the big event are in. See some of the
Pioneer Day festivities here:

* Be sure to visit Paso's Pioneer Museum south of the
fairgrounds after you watch the parade and eat
your beans Saturday the 8th. There will be a 2 p.m.
dedication of the newly restored Geneseo country
school house among other great events and stuff.

T 26 three air tanker pilots who died while  testing a  P-3 Orion in Lassen National  Forest Wednesday. His brother, Gary  Cockrell, was killed in 1995 piloting an air tanker in Southern California. Here is a picture of
the plane, T26. You can read or add your condolences

* "Author! Author!" cried locals a few weeks ago
as Author's Day was celebrated in San Miguel. Over
a dozen local writers were featured at this
premier event, including former test pilot, George
Marrett, who has published The Aviator,
a biography of Howard Hughes. You can read the
whole story here:
Congratulations to all.

* More backyard close-ups, including those
little critters you don't want crawling on you.

* Happy April  No Foolin' Day. To celebrate,
you Roblans need to join the local
SLO Freecycle
Yahoo group and learn to participate in a save-the-earth
endeavor. The idea is to start giving away all of your
unwanted junk (or not) to anyone in the are who will
take it (and probably sell it on eBay). Or vice versa.



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