Long May It Wave

* (31st) As you look back on this last day in 2007, thank God for His mercies and ask for strength and direction for 2008.

* (31st) There are a few updates to the Pioneer Pages Online site: I'm not renewing my web host that has all of the old stuff on it, so have to move most of it over to the pr-usa.com server. Let me know about any glitches you see after January 23. Thanks.

* (29th) Valley Fever is a big deal right over the hill in Coalinga, where hundreds of inmates have been infected.

* (29th) Happy New Year, everyone! (Is it okay to say that without offending anyone????)

* (29th) The Old Skinner Family Photos taken in San Luis Obispo and environs in the 1920's - 1940's are online. 

* (23rd) Be sure to welcome Ralph and Maxine as they move to Paso Robles from Rancho Cucamonga to be closer to family.

* (22nd) Don't you just love cleaning out those gutters this time of year? Phil Dirkx and I do. 

* (22nd) Daughter Liz and Ryan's wedding pictures are posted for anyone interested. It was a wonderful day. 

* (18th) A downtown favorite restaurant has reopened after a complete retrofitting. Be sure to drop in and say hi.

* (9th) For that romantic get-away in Paso Robles, you need look no farther than Hotel Cheval, which offers a 2-night package (including a horse-drawn carriage ride down Vine Street and elsewhere for only $865 per couple.

* (9th) Skinner/Burk relatives only! Your genealogy page has been updated with new info highlighted in yellow and brown. Or you can wait for the book.


* (8th) Go Bearcats!  Cats and dogs take top PAC-7 awards.

* (3rd) Time for another story out of the Pioneer Pages 1998 edition. Written by Eldon Root, this vignette is called, Police! Police! Elmer Morehouse and Keith Tarwater related the 'true facts' to Eldon. Be sure to read the companion story, Law and Order, to get a larger picture of law enforcement history in Paso Robles.

* (25th) Do you remember what you were doing on June 17, 1969? Probably not. Do you remember reading The Daily Press that Tuesday? I doubt it. But now you can read selections printed that day here, thanks to my Uncle Bob who was throwing out 3 old issues.

* (22nd) Thank God for His many blessings this Thanksgiving holiday. Psalm 138 is King David's prayer of thanksgiving. May it be ours as well.

* (13th) Attention, candy lovers! Powell's Sweet Shoppe will debut its scrumptious delights at their grand opening, Saturday the 24th at the old Bath House on the corner of 11th and Pine Streets. And for those who just can't wait that long, drop in from 5-9 p.m. on the 20th. Tell Josh that WordyDave told you about it.

Sulfur Bath House

* (11th) Please join other faithful supporters of the Paso Robles High School Marching Band as it raises money for their December trip to the Holiday Bowl. Mark November 26th as your spaghetti dinner night and help out a great cause!

* (11th) Please hug a Veteran today!

* (7th) Want to attend a local class that will tell you how to sell on eBay? The class is this Saturday, the 10.

* (6th) Say goodbye to the pristine beauty of Carrizo Plain, southeast of Paso. A mile-square solar mirror array may soon become P.G.&E.'s latest effort to be 20% eco-friendly by 2010.

* (5th) Get ready, Paso Robles. You are in the top ten list (and the only place in California) for savvy travelers this next year. You are definitely on the money map.

* (5th) Happy Birthday to me today! There was little fanfare at work or home, but the love was much appreciated.

* (3rd) Ever want to listen to Paso's local radio station? Tune into KPRL live at:  They even play real oldies on Saturday night.

* (1st) One last reminder: The Paso Gathering will be the event of this weekend at the Pioneer Museum. See all of your old cowpoke friends, great Western Art and Artists, and support the best darn museum in Central California!

* (30th) Have you seen the new movie clip filmed at Camp Roberts? It's a promo for the National Guard. A well done music video.

* (27th) Where else can you get an original pastel painting of Paso's vineyards for $22.00? Check out this artist.

* (27th) Looking for that new and exciting job in Paso Robles? Your quest ends here:

* (24th) A dramatic end to the foregoing story about the local Post Office pulling photos: They've been replaced!

* (21st) The removal of the local Post Office's picture display of the area's finest in the military has drawn nationwide protest. It has even hit the blogs. Here's another one:

* (21st) Otto Wyse's short bio is found here. Do you remember who he was? Skip down to the October 13th entry for hints.

* (21st) Congratulations to Sandra Lee Espig of Paso for her wonderful Kidney Bean Coleslaw recipe!

* (15th) Thanks to Debbie S. for sending me a link to her son, Michael's, pictures of the PIONEER DAY PARADE. He's a member of the high school band (as you will guess when you start scrolling through them). You'll get a kick out of the video, too. 

* (15th) Not the greatest news for Roblans, but necessary, nonetheless. Paso Robles Crime Map.

* (14th) The Paso Gathering event is planned for November 3 and 4. Support your local Pioneer Museum! 

* (14th) If you have any photos of this year's Pioneer Day events, especially the parade, please send me a link, or e-mail a dozen or so to me. Thanks.

* (14th) Which Presidential candidate agrees with your views? This short questionnaire gives you the answer.

* (13th) MARK YOUR CALENDAR! On Saturday, October 27, from 2 - 4 p.m., the Paso Pioneer Museum is hosting a Book Launch for the newly released English translation of Jakob Otto Wyss' letters written to his family in Switzerland. He was the postmaster at Klau in the Adelaide area over 100 years ago. This 336 page book will be a real treat for local history buffs. For info, you can call Skip and Nancy Dodd at (805) 238-7347.

* (6th) Best SLO county high school football game of the season so far? Sorry, Paso.

* (6th) HAPPY PIONEER DAY, Roblans.

* (6th) If you enjoy roses in October, feast on these pictures I took this morning. Click on Slideshow. Oh, there's ducks, too. Oh, and a few pigeons.

* (1st) Another Pioneer Day around the corner in Paso Robles. October 6 will make more memories of beans, vintage tractors and pioneer families while trying to preserve the past. Maybe some of the new transplants will be impressed enough to stop complaining about living with a bunch of hicks. No, I don't think so either.

Marty and Dad in SLO

* (1st) Happy Birthday to brother, Marty, on the 8th. How does it feel to be as old as I am?


* (29th) Bearcat's football suffered its first loss of the season against West Bakersfield, while Morro Bay scorched Santa Maria 68-0 in what the SLO Tribune says was a 'laugher' of a game. No kidding! A real typo here! Someone's gonna get a talkin' to.

* (27th) Paso's city manager, Jim App, offers his views on the Lake Nacimiento/Paso Robles water debate.

* (27th) Not many can say with Rudy Hamm, "We have had a long, happy life here." He and his wife, Virginia, recall the 'old' days and how the face of agriculture has changed dramatically in the last generation. They were both honored with the San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau’s annual Freddy of the Year Award (named after Fred Righetti).

* (27th) A stolen ambulance is stopped with spike strips on Hwy 101 by Templeton yesterday. Once again, Paso Robles makes the big town news. Here's the video.

* (27th) Pretty scary last few seconds before Kathy Shuder's pickup is crunched  by an Amtrak train at 12th and Riverside in Paso Wednesday. Watch out for those trains, people! The crossing arms may not work for you. Video here:

* (27th) Need an exciting, fun-filled, challenging job? Want full benefits? Want to work in Paso Robles and make up to $25K per year? You need only click here:

* (25th) Two wonderful eBay auctions you might be interested in. Both have GREAT photos of the contents of these books: The first is a 1942 El Roble yearbook. The second is the recent local book about North County one room schools. Be sure to look at the pictures if nothing else!

* (22nd) Velta Williamson passed away recently. She was the 'operator to the stars' and a lover of railroads. And had it not been for her tenacity, there most likely wouldn't be a working train station in Paso.

* (13th) Don't miss the Paso Robles Airport Day, starting at 9:00 a.m. Saturday the 15th. Both model and full-size aircraft will amaze you.

* (13th) What's an apple 'farm' doing on the east side of Paso Robles? Very well, thank you.

* (7th) Was your family in the Paso area in 1916? The S.L.O. County Genealogical Society has just posted a complete Great Register listing of names and occupations of everyone living here.

* (7th) The water war has begun in earnest over old (as in long-time homeowners) taxpayers paying through the nose for the Lake Nacimiento water project. Phil Dirkx's commentary has invited collateral commentary well worth reading. Click on the "Read More" link.

* (6th) Start guessing . . . what town has the honor of hosting the longest running rodeo in the U.S.A.? No, it's not Paso Robles.

* (4th) How would you like to see my 4 minute home movie of the 1970 Pioneer Day Parade? Yes, you heard right. The quality is horrible, but it's still a lot of fun watching who looked like what 37 years ago. 

* (29th)  The missing honeybee phenomenon may have a simple explanation: You're using your cell phone way too much!

* (27th)  Villa Toscana's recent stand against allowing  same-sex marriage ceremonies on their property has ignited the ire of those who think gay-marriage is no big deal. What do you think? More importantly, what does He who invented marriage think?

* (22nd)  "It's more organic," said Esther Ellsworth who played Shakespeare's Juliet in last weekend's stage play of Romeo and Juliet at Paso's Centennial Park Amphitheater. Julius Caesar rounded out the production and ensured that the locals are now CCD's, or  Certified Culture Denizens.

* (19th) September 1st and 2nd events include a Threshing Bee and Antique Tractor Show you don't want to miss at Jack Creek Farms!  Real, FREE family entertainment and education. Super-nice website, too. 

* (18th) Paso has a water problem. Or is it just Phil Dirkx?

* (18th) Another oldie, moldy Paso High yearbook is on the auction block at Ebay. 1907. Looks like only 8 kids graduated that year!

* (18th) Yes, there is news in Atascadero, too. 

* (9th) One Bob Dylan fan waxes eloquently while describing the Old Croaker's voice and aura on stage at the Mid-State Fair. All you dope smokers will enjoy this review (if your brain cells can follow his word-o-rama style).

* (8th) Even the L.A. Times brags about Paso in this two-page eatery editorial. But calling the City Park a "square" just won't do.

* (6th) Local thoroughbred breeder, Sue Hubbard, was in an auto accident June 27. There will be a fundraising event in Pleasanton for her on September 25. You can also donate locally.

* (2nd) A big heads-up for the 4th Annual Olive Festival in Paso Robles on Saturday, August 25. There are also Concerts in the Park every Friday evening through August 24th. Not much else going on, except for the news that Mayor Frank is outpacing Supervisor Harry 14 to 1 in campaign donations. 

* (31st) The long-awaited funds to fix City Hall's pungent parking lot odor have been approved. $2 million is needed to redirect the water to the city water yard, where it will be "percolated" before it's sent on to the Salinas River. 2010 sounds like a good year to finally snuff the smell.

* (31st) Paso Robles and "luxury," --- a bit of oxymoronic usage of the English language if seen in the same sentence some years ago, but not anymore. What's next? Opulence? (Oops, Paso already has that here), Splendor? (Oops, Paso already has that here), High on the Hog? (Oops, guess Paso has it all! See it here)

* (28th) "Paso Robles has doubled its groundwater use in just one year." Water is the big issue right now, with a new Lake Nacimiento pipeline, eventually adding $60 to everyone's monthly water bill. Concerned fixed income residents are boiling at a recent Council meeting, but democracy and order were served.

* (28th) A record number of new buildings and improvements greet this year's Fairgoers. Oh, there are also new emergency automated external defibrillators available for those occasional heart attacks. Maybe they should have one of these at the City Council meetings, also.

* (20th) If you ever drive far enough north on 101 to Santa Rosa, be sure to visit the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens. We were there Wednesday. You can see my pictures here:

* (20th) Jake Twisselman comments on his life as a cattle rancher in Carrizo Plain. "There was nothing to do where I grew up besides rope stuff," he said in a recent interview.

* (3rd) Barney Schwartz Park will  treat everyone to 4th of July  festivities starting at 4 p.m. and  ending with a fireworks display at  9:30. Did you know the Declaration  of Independence  wasn't signed until August 2 ?

* (3rd) Let's welcome Paso's new Police Chief, Lisa Solomon. You can see video of her official reception here: 

* (3rd) Don French is sharing his video(s) of helping in the rebuilding of New Orleans 18 months after Katrina. This is both a sobering reminder of its devastation and the wonder that hope and help can accomplish. Thanks, Don, for your compassion in action.

* (3rd) Those 3 yearbooks were finally sold after an intense battle between MrBig and PasoDeb. Paso Deb is the proud owner. Sorry, Rich.

* (23rd) Up for bid: 1938, 1939, and 1940 Paso High yearbooks on eBay, starting at only $10.00 for all three. This is a great opportunity to see your relatives in the early days. Lots of signatures. Bidding closes July 1.  (29th) Looks like Rich Cantrell will be the new owner. Go, Rich!

* (23rd) We can't overlook the 50th Anniversary of the Frisbee without honoring its history. If only YOU had thought of it! Here's the definitive book on the subject written by the patent-holder himself, Fred Morrison.

* (23rd) Paso's new water park is open. The old Paso Plunge cost 25 cents to get into. You'll fork over as much as $20 (minus change) for the newest version.

* (14th) Tree preservation isn't just important in Paso Robles, as the Hi-Desert Star reports in a letter to the editor.

* (11th) Anyone looking for a 1971 Paso High Yearbook? There's one on eBay, but the auction ends June 17. No signatures.

* (11th) We were able to go to the Capital Airshow in Sacramento this past weekend. Your tax dollars at work to provide the defense equal to no other country in the world. You can see my 150+ pictures here: (Not all aircraft shots, thankfully)

You can celebrate along with the 40 year old Beatle's album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which
also had a June 1st debut.

* (1st) Here in a nutshell is the State of the City financial update from Fitch Ratings. You're in great shape, Paso. Even those in Spain think so!

* (31st) Attention, horse/cow lovers. The National Reined Cow Horse Association Derby will be held June 19-24 at the Paso Robles Events Center. You can also see the schedule at the NRCHA website.

* (30th) For all of you Over-the-Hill Gangers out there, here's a cute YouTube song by Tom Rush.

* (26th) Another Paso claim-to-fame connection can be seen on this Jon Stewart Daily Show interview. Commander Kevin Robbins is Janet and Neil Abbey's son-in-law.

* (24th) (Hopefully not) coming soon to a high school near you: UCLA professor Joel Becker, who is teaching 14 year young kids to have sex, sex, and more sex. And there's more. And it's worse.

* (12th) Jesus goes fishing in Cayucos. Catches
shark. See the local video here:

* (12th) “Cities Ranked & Rated,” a Frommer’s publication, places the Paso Robles area in the top ten of 400 contenders for the best places to live in
these United States.

* (12th) Paso Mayor Frank Mecham decides
to run for the open  County Supervisor slot next year. No retirement for this guy after all. Now it's time
for Jack to start thinking of running for that new
mayoral ticket. Go, Jack! Your city needs you!

* (12th) Friday, May 18 is "Bike In Day" for Paso Robles High School's students and teachers.
Hey, why not make it for all Roblans and solve the traffic problem for at least one day in the year! 

* (28th) Local photographers, heads up!
Today and tomorrow's hot air balloons over Paso should make for some great pictures.

* (28th) "Be Prepared" is not only the Scout Motto,
it should be in everyone's mission statement---
especially if they live in puma-prone country.
Find out how to trap a cougar here:
Thanks to Tom Birks for the story.

* (22nd) Arrested for handing out Bibles while
on public property, two members of Gideons
International counter with First Amendment rights.
Could this happen in Paso Robles?

* (21st) Paso's new River Walk Trail has been open
for a month now. Here's a first-hand report of the
new trekker's route as told by the city's greatest

* (15th) The San Luis Tribune has published a
great article about the new book,
Images of America: Paso Robles, and if you click
on the Related Content link, you'll see some sample photos of past events and people.

* (12th) A new web interface greets visitors to
the Paso Robles Press website now. You can even click on the e-View icon and see a PDF version of the
paper. Nice job.

* (12th) On March 26 another mountain lion
was seen in Paso Robles. The Police Blotter says, "Walnut Drive/Creston animal problem—mountain lion spotted in a grove of trees. The animal was headed toward Creston Road and an apartment complex. It was described as five-feet long." Any predictions on where the next one will be seen? Maybe in your own front yard, eating your precious puppy or worse.

* (17th) Congratulations to Milene Radford and Andrea
Hobbs for their hard, hard, hard, hard work in
gathering photos, editing and overseeing the publishing
of a new book about the history of Paso Robles.
Images of America: Paso Robles is for sale at
the Pioneer Museum in Paso.

* (6th) Paso's recent River Walk workshop explored
ideas for promoting the Salinas River 'corridor.'
Extensive plans include much more than a walkway.
The meeting had a big turnout, including  Keith Tarwater, local long-timer and realist, who reminded everyone of the 1969 flood that would easily destroy any water soluble improvements should it be repeated. I've posted some pictures of that eye-opening event (the flood) that I took almost forty years ago. The 44 page project goals, volunteers and funding can be seen here:

* (25th) This long winter makes us want to get out
of the house and just drive to that perfect place to relax and enjoy nature, like our resident photographer
last week.

* (24th) Have a need to read? Here is a great site
to satisfy that craving. Older free books, poetry, commentary and essays for PDF downloading at ManyBooks.net

* (24th) “It’s our swan song,” Muriel Crouch laments
while commenting on the demise of the Paso Robles Woman's Club. Its 100 year anniversary will be a sad
one for this group that helped make Paso what it is today.

* (24th) Congratulations to Paso Robles' new
police-chief-in-waiting, Lisa Solomon Chitty, who will
succeed Dennis Cassidy when he retires July 1.

* (10th) Have you checked out the new Main Street
Association information kiosk on Park Street? It
sports new paint and coppertop.

* (10th) Longtime Paso Robles police chief, Dennis Cassidy will retire this year. Who will be the next

* (10th) Retrofitting the final number of downtown
buildings is still a priority.

* (10th) Overcoming a hard childhood has paid off
for these two area teens.

* (10th) Much belated congratulations to our 'old'
friend David Stoltenberg on his recent retirement!

* (18th) The Paso Robles City Council
vetoed the idea of allowing any medical marijuana business within the city limits. By adopting an ordinance that prohibits its sale, a measure of community ire has surfaced.

* (17th) Cold enough for you? Paso Robles' global-
warming cold wave is even making news in
Covington, Louisiana!



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