Long May It Wave


 * (31st) Whether with bang or whimper, 2010 is definitely headed down the road as 2011 comes running up the road. Happy and prosperous New Year to everyone. May God have mercy on us all.

* (31st) Happy belated 100th birthday to Dolly Bader.

* (24th) The true meaning of Christmas according to Linus. It's that simple.

* (24th) The more attention-getting calls to your local police department can be perused here: 

* (24th) Bearcat alumni vs. Varsity. Who won?

* (24th) Phil Dirkx looks at Christmas past in Paso Robles.

* (24th) Did you miss seeing the lunar eclipse? Here's a shot I got while in my pajamas in the back yard. What a sight! Click on the photo for the larger version.

* (22nd) A shortage of food still plagues the local Loaves and Fishes. Can you help today?

* (22nd) Roblan fights to clear his father's name and restore his rank to four-star Air Force general.

* (18th) See a few Vine Street lights here:

* (18th) Our condolences extend to the Ruggles family with the passing of AnnaBell this week. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

* (18th) The Paso Robles police department continues to deal with large budget cuts  that will affect protection for years to come.

* (12th) Be sure to meander down Vine Street to see the annual Victorian Showcase lighting decorations, sponsored by light loving PG&E customers.

* (12th) Maybe God doesn't want an Indian casino within spitting distance from Paso Robles.

* (4th) Last night's CIF game against Serra spelled defeat for the Bearcats.  Nothing to be ashamed of. Video here:

* (4th) Toys For Tots needs donations. Thanks.

* (4th) Local sculptor's sculpture ab-sculptured.


* (27th) Tears tell the story of Inglewood's defeat to the Paso Robles Bearcat football team Wednesday night. Paso now advances to the semifinals and plays Serra next. Go, Bearcats! See a David Middlecamp photo here:  

* (27th) Keeping up with the Taggers is the motto of two volunteer graffiti obliterators. Thank you, Carolyn and Marvin. They need your help.

* (26th) In an effort to confirm the rumor that this town is still a cow town, this is a must-see: Warning: The 'S' word is part of the narration. 

* (26th) It's official: Paso Robles just isn't very 'walk-friendly.'

* (25th) Where were you on November 22, 1963? On the day President Kennedy was assassinated, young Roblan's lives were dramatically changed.

* (25h) Happy Thanksgiving Day! Don't forget to do it! Give thanks to the God "of every good and perfect gift." James 1:17

* (25th) Please pray for the hopeless in Paso Robles. Better yet, lend a hand and heart to help wherever you can.

* (23th) Hats off to Thanksgiving turkeys everywhere. Thankfully, God didn't give them the brains to know their destination. After giving thanks around the table, consider sharing a little family history using these questions: Or find a shorter version here: (Thanks to SLO Tribune photog and blogger David Middlecamp for this idea)     

* (20th) Great news for local baseball and hot dog lovers:

* (20th) Be sure to stop by the capped hot springs leak behind the library and get a nostalgic whiff of sulfur water whenever you miss it. Phil Dirkx reminisces.

* (20th) It's that time of year to donate to your favorite charity or organization. The City Library needs help as well. 

* (20th) A new $2.6 million city park is in the works for north Paso on 36th Street by Georgia Brown School. Recession? What recession?

* (12th) Veterans are honored in Paso Robles this week.

* (12th) The Paso groundwater study is online. Big concerns look well-founded. Check out the map on page 30 and Conservation and Open Space Element findings on page 18.

* (10th) Remember to hug a veteran tomorrow on Veteran's Day!

* (10th)  Attention decency lovers: Your T.V. profanity levels are increasing at an alarming rate (in case you haven't noticed). Just another indication of this country's slide into the gutter. Best not to have a modern version of The Andy Griffith Show!

* (10th)  Recent downtown Paso photos may be unusual:

* (10th)  Nostalgiaholics will enjoy this modern version of an old friend:

* (10th)  Congratulations to continuing Paso Robles mayor Duane Picano after his decisive election.

* (29th)  An old, vintage Paso Robles Hot Springs metal sign is for sale for $4500. May have been sold by now, but check out the video:   

* (17th)  This year's Little Cowgirl and Cowboy Contest and Pet Contest were cuter than ever, including the laying hen who laid an egg during the parade across from the Paso Robles Inn.

* (16th)  Another Old Timers BBQ is history. Do you recognize any faces? Thanks to the Paso Rotary Club for supporting this wonderful event!

* (16th)  Nothing like a parade, and this year's 2010 Pioneer Day Parade was unequaled for loud, screeching, clanking, sputtering, clamoring and steaming vintage tractors. Get your fill here: Use the slideshow feature for the largest photos (upper right button).

* (14th)  The Class of '60 held their 50-year reunion at the Warbird Museum last Saturday. Great fun, food and memories were lavishly served to a humble gathering of really antediluvian Paso High alumni. Please don't ask them what 'antediluvian' means!

* (12th)  We had a wonderful time in Paso last weekend. Just got home today. The Old Timers BBQ, Lil' Cowboy and Cowgirl Contest, Parade, Museum and Class of '60 photos coming soon! Hopefully within a week (after taking over 1000 pictures!). But it's back to work at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

* (6th) Roblan John Uebersax is mounting a write-in campaign against Kevin McCarthy. This is America at its best: one misspelled letter and your vote doesn't count.

* (2nd)  Congratulations to Elias Stokes who scored five times for the Bearcats in a dazzling win over San Luis Obispo Tigers Friday night. Here's some video taken after  their win over Santa Ynez on the 17th that features their key players, including Elias.

* (2nd)  Pioneer Day in all its glory will be celebrated next Saturday in downtown Paso Robles. Don't miss it. And if you see a crazy guy taking pictures in the middle of Spring Street, smile, it's probably yours truly.

* (2nd)  The local Lions Club is celebrating 71 years of service. And they finally got their own office to work out of!

* (2nd)  The Salinas River trail is slated to become a reality.

* (2nd)  No, this is not yet illegal in good ol' Paso Robles, thankfully:

* (27th)  Don't miss doing your part to beautify Larry Moore Park on Creek Day, this Saturday, October 2.

* (19th)  The Bedbug Incident Reporting Form for the Travelodge in Paso Robles is available.

* (19th)  Paso's newest landmark is here: Any suggestions as to which city freeway entrance would be the best location for placement for Rufus?

* (11th)  Today is the ninth anniversary of the ruthless attacks on American soil in 2001. Let us never forget.

* (11th)  Will wonders never cease? After zillions of complaints about (verbal and non-verbal) about the condition of the restrooms in the City Park, something if finally being done to 'relieve' the situation.

* (6th)  Might be a good time to drive to Atascadero ,  take some pictures and say goodbye to five historical landmark trees that will most likely fall to the arborist's saws soon. We're not sorry to see the demise of the Italian cypress, though. Send it back to Italy. 

* (6th)  For you creaky antediluvians out there, here's a story of hope for you. 63 year-old Bill Lee pitches for a win in a minor league game in Massachusetts. The guy has been pitching for 50 years!

* (5th)  Flamson Middle School has finally reopened, seven years after the 2003 earthquake crippled the old high school building. It strikes a pose that brings back memories for us old timers.

Gary Smith and John Barclay* (5th) The words "car show" are back in Paso Robles' vocabulary. John Barclay said he had a "pretty cool" time driving Paul Smeltzer's chopped Chevy pickup down Spring Street with Gary Smith. "We tooled a lap of the parade grabbin’ scratch whenever I got a chance in front of cop cars." Some things never change.

* (5th)  Paso's police officers are in the news again, for better or worse: 

 * (28th)  Creston's 15th annual Classic Rodeo will provide three days of cowboy excitement. Dates are September 10-12. Other Creston events are listed here:  

* (28th)  Here's a quick link to Paso Robles events:

* (28th)  School is back in session, drivers. Local peace officers will be out in force Monday to monitor your rule compliance.

Wilson Heefner* (21st)  My friend, retired Army colonel Wilson Heefner, presented his latest book at a signing a few days ago. Dogface Soldier: The Life of Lucian K. Truscott, Jr. is his third and most popular military biography. An exemplary strategist second only to Patton under Eisenhower, Truscott directed decisive battles from North Africa to Italy to Southern France.

* (21st)  Congratulations to the new Pioneer Day Belle, Michela Cagliero.

* (21st)  You're going to have to judge this one on your own. There is obviously more to this story of Paso police officer abuse.

* (21st)  A local landmark will soon be obliterated.

* (21st)  Dumbest criminals in Paso Robles (with pictures). Please pray for this couple.

* (21st)  Bearcats lineup points to a winning season.

* (8th)  Two music lovers have been chosen honorable Marshal and Queen of this year's Pioneer Day festivities. Congratulations to Don and Carol. See you soon!

* (8th)  The City of Paso Robles will start saving money in their water and wastewater divisions. Yahoo!

* (2nd)  Twelve year-old BridgeAnne d'Avignon of Paso Robles has revealed through her genealogical research that all of the U.S. Presidents except one have a common ancestor, John Lackland, King of England. This includes Barack Obama, who is her 18th cousin. It's a very small world after all, folks!

* (31st) A new service is available to Roblans. Leave the car at home and take the local limo.

* (24th) For those who may not have seen it, here is the link to a 1946 picture of the kids at the day care in Oak Park.

* (24th) Congratulations to Tommy Lynn "I was totally surprised!" Loyd as she wins this year's Miss California Mid-State Fair queen contest.

* (24th) Paso's Gary Smith gives us the run-down of the Pittsburg Pirate's training camp here in town in the 1920's.

 * (24th) Cattle DriveThe annual cattle drive
down Union Road into the city was uneventful this year, thanks to expert cowpunchers, cowpokes and  cowhands.
See a video here:

Photo by Judith Orlopp

* (24th) Paso's bussing issue is a real concern that needs brainstorming.

* (17th) Run-amok culture is alive and well in Paso Robles as  World Wresting Entertainment invades the ballroom at the Paso Robles Inn next Saturday (although this link says it's tomorrow - but who really cares?).

* (17th) Historian, Phil Dirkx shares his story of a flight on a vintage C-41 over Paso and Templeton.

 * (17th) Paso Robles police continue to field concerned calls from the public that range from the innocuous to the humorous.

* (5th)  What this town needs is a frozen yogurt store that "won't budge."

* (5th) Phil Dirkx remembers Camp Roberts and taxi cabs back in the day.

* (28th) When the Telegram-Tribune almost moved to Paso in the early 90's is a story most have never heard. Be sure to read the comments!

* (26th) Are your kids bored yet on their summer break? Here are some ideas of things to do in the Paso Robles area.

* (26th) Turn your front lawn into a food forest. Demonstrations begin this morning at 10:00 at Centennial Park.

* (17th) The absolute best video ever produced by Paso Robles High School is online. 
Warning: Dancing Teachers!!!!!!!!!! Scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* (17th) Want a job? Like tacos? Taco Bell on Niblick Road needs a manager.

* (17th) Concerts in the Park start tomorrow night. See the summer line up here:

* (17th) Congratulations to Mark Fairbank, high school teacher extraordinaire, who will be receiving the Presidential Excellence Award next fall in Washington, D.C.

* (6th) Just how much does Lompoc love Paso?

* (6th) It's D-Day today, another day to remember. David Middlecamp's blog gives some great incite on how terrible it was for so many.

* (5th) Another disaster looms with this year's fireworks money shortfall. Roblans may have to drive to Cambria or Morro Bay to see the show.

* (5th) Paso remembers veterans  at the District Cemetery.

* (2nd) Memorial Day celebrations should have reminded us of the highest price paid for our freedoms. Here is one such display of honor.

* (30th) Did you see it? March 20th. In the skies above Paso Robles: a UFO hovering in the night.

* (29th) Memorial Day celebrations around the county are listed here: 

* (29th) City priorities are still being hashed out, from short to long-term ideas: What do YOU want to see?

* (20th) For those of you who are completely bored about Paso Robles news, here's a little change of pace.

* (20th) The Oak Park re-do will cost $250,000 per family unit. See how the locals are reacting here: Be sure to go to read the article first, then go to Page 4 of the comments and read them from the bottom up. Freedom of expression is the rule.

* (12th) From the Paso Police Log last Friday: "A young girl called 911 and said her 11-year-old brother hit her mother in the eye with a stick. The grandfather was also at the residence, and could be heard in the background telling the boy to apologize. Officers checked on the family; it turns out . . ." 
See what happened here:

* (12th) And just how much would you pay for cab fare from San Francisco to Paso Robles ?

* (12th) This Saturday's Downhill Derby  on Buena Vista Drive needs you to be there (8:30 a.m.) to root for your favorite young driver and show your kids they can have fun OUTDOORS!

* (5th) And now, for a look at Paso's Police Log with the added twist of SLO Tribune headlines. Crime can be so entertaining.

* (4th) Classic cars will return to Spring Street this Labor Day weekend. You'll have plenty of time to dust off that restored jalopy (providing it meets all the requirements) and get your friends to take pictures as you help raise the smog level downtown!

* (26th) San Miguel Sagebrush Days Parade from a participant's viewpoint.

* (26th) Are you up-to-date on the water usage info in the vineyards east of Paso?

* (17th) Paso's historic Grange Hall is being preserved, thanks to volunteer donations and special events like today's big, 'world famous' BBQ. You may have to call around to get a time. The place: 627 Creston Road, up the hill.

* (12th) Cliff Tucker will be signing his new book, Paso Robles, California, 1930-1950: When Highway 101 Ran Through My Hometown  on Saturday, May 1 from 2-4 p.m. at the Pioneer Museum on Riverside Ave. Admission is free and refreshments will be served. Congratulations, Cliff.

(3rd) Tomorrow is Resurrection Morning, the day we celebrate that assures us God did indeed visit this world in his Son, Jesus, and proves that all Jesus said and did was true.

(3rd) The draft EIR for replacing Paso's landmark, Oak Park, is available for perusal. A lot of us grew up here, so take those last minute memorial pictures for posterity before the old homestead is finally laid to rest.

50's Oak Park  Oak Park   Marvin Herried

Month of March

(27th) The Greening of California will include business incentive monies for Paso Robles.  "Thar's gold in them thar windmills, solar panels and AFV's." If this means lower taxes and more jobs, we're all for it. And windmill farms all over the vineyards will have a sort of quaint appeal for all those progressive visitors.

(20th) Have you been to the Paso Children's Museum yet? Here's a great video promo to get you over there:

 (20th) Another local business is expanding during this economic misadventure. 

(17th) Have you seen any counterfeit $100's around? The Secret Service has notified Paso merchants of the threat.

(10th) Are you reading to your kids and grandkids?

* (10th) PRHS choir is heading for San Francisco and  needs your help.

* (2nd) Paso's Corey Cook makes the U.K. Yahoo news! Continue to pray for our patriots in harm's way.

* (2nd) Pity the poor Paso Robles teachers who will soon receive pink slips. Pity the poor kids who will lose dozens of wonderful, loving and dedicated mentors and friends.

* (2nd)What's going on at your local PR Estrella Warbirds Museum? Plenty.


* (25th) Congratulations to Poly student Olivia Gonzales for winning the national Collegiate Discussion Meet this week in Tulsa.

* (20th) Paso will soon say goodbye to one of the last remnants of the 2003 earthquake as the sulfur water sinkhole fix is due starting in April.  

 * (17th) Thanks to Bob Butler for sharing about his mom's love for the people of Paso Robles.

* (17th) Sharon Curran is inviting all interested parties to help her organize another local Tea Party protest on April 15. Contact her here:

* (14th) Happy Valentine's Day to all of you through-thick-and-thin lovers out there. Here's a story to warm the cockles of your heart. And if you need something special to say to that special person, try something like this.

* (2nd) The Paso Robles Press eulogizes Pat Butler.

* (1st) We are greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Pat Butler in Paso Robles. Many of us were not only taught by her in grade school, but touched by her love as well. Please forward me your memories that will be added to a tribute page. Thanks. 

* (29th) Valentine's Day is around the corner. Do you remember the big love in your life? These Roblans do.

* (29th) Paso history buffs and lovers, you're invited an Historical Society free lecture Feb. 4th from 7 - 8:30 at the library. Should be fun.

* (29th) My friend, Roy Haile, and I started ourBarb Skinner and Roy printing careers at Ennis Business Forms in Paso Robles back in the 60's. We just threw a retirement party for him today! He's now ready for his next big adventure.   

* (29th) Phil is talking to Paso's homeless . . . again. Do you have a solution? Leave your comments.

* (24th) Matt Kokkonen, running for the State Assembly writes this article about the false global warming data from two Paso Robles reporting sensors. 

* (24th) Creek-watered century-old oak tree takes vengeance on sleeping resident: This was on Vine Street where it crosses the creek at 24th Street. 

* (24th) Few are more upset about the schools' budget cuts for Paso Robles than the teachers.

* (20th) The biggest fund-raiser of the year for the Pioneer Museum is slated for April 24. Get the whole scoop here:

* (18th) Jack Erhart's new project on Google Earth includes a growing number of downtown Paso buildings for 3-D viewing. Check it out.

* (16th) Re infecta   (the business being unfinished) should be the banner over the whole Paso water rates debacle. More opinions here: 

* (16th) New Flamson Middle School's time capsule is loaded with memorable stuff, including a cell phone and a pair of Vans sneakers. It will be opened in 2060.

* (16th) Pot growers beware!  You will be sniffed out. 

* (16th) You can honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. on Sunday, January 17 at Robbins Field at 1:00. 

* (13th) Did you know there's a school for expelled 7th graders in Paso? And they're considering adding those from 6th grade? And that they're moving it from the 'secure' setting out Hwy 46 to town? Budget shortfall is the culprit here.

* (13th) Happy birthday, Elizabeth. Too bad you weren't born in Paso Robles where the country air is full of history and hope.

* (2nd) Happy New Year, Paso Robles! And just what were the big stories for 2009? You'll find five out of ten here:





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