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* (30th)  City law enforcement officers will be wearing body cams, so be on your best behavior, citizens.

* (30th)  Another proof that the economy is on the uptick is right here:

* (30th)  Are you concerned about the direction Paso Robles is headed? You can make a difference.

* (30th)  Do you drink wine? Do you live in the Paso area? You may now be an official 'wine snob' according to the Travel Channel.

* (30th) Here's the latest scoop on the local recycled water facility proposal.

* (30th)  New traffic laws take effect January 1. Do you know what they are?

* (30th)  Yes, Virginia, you CAN go back to Kindergarten.

* (3rd)  Paso Robles now boasts its very own guitar museum, owned and operated by legendary designer Gary Kramer.

* (3rd) Where there's money to be made, there's a drug problem, no matter what size the city. Poor Paso - what else is going on in secret behind your palace doors?

* (3rd) Paso graduate crowned Miss Arizona.

* (3rd) For better or worse, the city of SLO has issued a decree of support for the Standing Rock protesters. Will Paso do the same? Be sure to read the comments. 

* (3rd) Parents, start taking your kids to church, talk to them, love them no matter what, find out who their friends are and know what they're doing in cyber space. 

* (3rd) The annual tree lighting event in the city park kicks off the xmas season in Paso Robles. Great video.

* (3rd) Salvation Army bell ringers ousted from their traditional Post Office spot thanks to the new postmaster. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


* (19th) Veteran's Day ceremonies remind Americans of the value of those who serve and served.

* (19th) A number of armed robberies in the past few weeks have people on edge in Paso Robles.

* (19th) Bearcats end football season with an 8-3 record. Lose first CIF playoff game.

* (19th) Local rancher Lee Pitts confesses that stealing doesn't pay.

* (19th) Kudos to Dante Coletta for raising money for pediatric cancer research by collecting . . . ?

* (19th) PUYOP --- that's Pick Up Your Own Poop, folks. Please!


* (29th) Our condolences go to the Joey Brown family.

* (29th) Possible flooding in the North County?

* (29th) More money raised for the Wounded Warrior Foundation - Thanks, CrossFit Paso Robles.

* (29th) Pioneer Day marks another successful parade. Hundreds of photos here: 

* (29th) New photos for this year's Old Timers BBQ and Little Kids Cowboy/Cowgirl Contest are linked in this page's center column.


* (24th) First Paso Robles AirFest and Airport Appreciation Day will feature plane rides and more next weekend. $5 for parking.

* (24th) Pre-Pioneer Day Dinner and Dance slated for tonight at 5:30 at the Event Center.

* (24th) Big Bearcat win last night in Clovis.

* (24th) Bearcats pull out a win over Cajon with 99 yards to go in the last two minutes. Congratulations to the 'Miracle Team.'

* (24th) Why the United States is the world's biggest warmonger: local opinion.

* (24th) Paso gearing up in case Prop. 64 wins this November.

* (24th) Did you miss celebrating Constitution Day last Saturday? Cuesta College took advantage to educate students about this country's greatest political asset.


* (27th) Big day today as people give thanks firefighters for going beyond the call of duty in fighting the Chimney blaze.

* (27th) Even though the drought is not over, Paso residents can now water 3 days a week.

* (27th) New City Park playground needs maintenance. You can help pay for it by giving to a foundation created in its honor.

* (27th) Phil Dirkx opines on the Chimney Fire for your reading pleasure.

* (27th) The Bearcats win their season opener with Lemoore, 35-10. Go, Bearcats!

* (27th) The Heirloom Tomato Festival is slated for September 24, 25.

* (6th) Congratulations to Leo Kemp, whose prize Grand Champion market steer netted $13,340 at the Mid-State Fair.

* (6th) Speaking of big bucks, a $95 million bond is being sought to improve Paso schools. Please read the fine print (and comments).

* (6th) Did you see the Beach Boys concert at the Fair? Here's an interesting back story that might be fun to read.

* (6th) Paso Robles mayor Steve Martin on the State of the City.

* (6th) Want to get your kid out of the house? The new playground is open in the City Park. Click on the little picture to see it.

* (6th) The "oil car trains in Paso" controversy continues to explode in the news this week.

Porch View

* (6th) The Paso Robles Pioneer Museum will be hosting a fundraiser on September 10. A replica of the old El Paso de Robles Hotel entrance will be featured at the event.


* (16th) 'Save the Oak Trees' cries have been heard. County Supervisors vote 4-1 for a new ordinance that limits deforestation.

* (16th) The Mid-State Fair opens its doors this next week. Be prepared to be metal-detected.

* (16th) 15 year-old LaRae Luis is heading to Wyoming. Click here to find out why.

* (16th) Schedule an astronomical lift in your life. The African Children's Choir will be at Trinity Lutheran Church in Paso on July 27.

* (16th) Roblans really like the word "accelerated," especially when it concerns street repairs.

* (16th) Pokemon GO is in the news locally. What ever happened to good, old Hide and Seek?

* (16th) Phil Dirkx opines on Paso's Centennial Pool, street repair and the end of the Great Recession.

* (16th) Do you know a Pearl Harbor veteran? Honor Flights is asking.


* (4th) Huge area marijuana grow discovered. No stakeout, so no perps caught.

* (4th) Justin Winery is biting the bullet after clear cutting acres of oaks for vineyards. Locals are screaming. Didn't early ranchers and farmers do the same thing?

* (4th) Paso Robles Relay for Life event is slated for next Saturday, June 25 at the Event Center. Please support the American Cancer Society by giving to one of the 23 teams and cheering them on.

* (4th) 414 graduate to the real world at Paso High.

* (4th) Bernie Sanders has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in SLO County voting.

* (4th) Paso Robles' newest police officer, Maeghan Smallwood adds 'a great work ethic' to its ranks.

* (4th) It's fire season in the North County. Be extra careful.

* (4th) Memorial Day ceremonies honor the fallen.

* (4th) It's not the old Paso Robles Plunge, but the Centennial Pool will be ready for business June 13.

* (4th) A never ending process - repairing Spring Street.

* (4th) All fracking must be banned, period. Bernie Sanders speaks in Spreckles, CA.

* (4th) Want to hear the truth about seafood? Meet in the City Park, June 16 at 5:30.


* (28th)  Let's all welcome Eric Martinez, Paso High's new principal.

* (28th) The folks in San Miguel are hiring - do you have a burning desire to fight fires?

* (28th) Big weekend at Santa Margarita Ranch if you're into vintage planes, trains and automobiles (and some tractors thrown in).

* (28th) Congratulations to Kristen Thompson and Codie Wilshusen, Paso High track stars who made it to the CIF Masters

* (28th) The old Fox Theater has finally acquired new owners.

* (28th) Attention, local photographers: Photographs of the Paso Robles area are being accepted for a $50 top prize sponsored by Red Scooter Deli. "Sweet Home Paso Robles" is the theme.

* (28th) Homelessness is a big issue, and Phil Dirkx weighs in on a possible solution - utilizing the old Boy's School facilities.


* (9th) Phase Two has ended at Oak Park as local officials celebrated the construction of 150 units. Only two more phases to go.

* (9th) Almost everything you wanted to know about 'mass grading'  can be learned here:

* (9th) Paso High students are worried about facing the world without the necessary tools to survive, like balancing a checkbook.

* (9th) Paso's 1889 vintage Doc Kennedy home has been lovingly restored.

* (9th) The homeless problem is a big issue for local decision makers.

* (9th) Those of us who climbed Morro Rock without incident find this story a bit sad. Video here:

* (9th) $1,000,000 down the drain as voters reject a new tax and Paso Robles Water Basin District formation.

* (9th) Put it on your calendar: New 4th of July event at the Horse Park on July 2. Music, fireworks and more.


* (27th) 2015 was a good year for homeowners in Paso, not so good if you're thinking about moving here.

* (27th) DO NOT, we repeat DO NOT speed when driving down the Niblick Road bridge.

* (27th) Baseball season is here - finally!

* (27th) The Paso Robles area groundwater basin fight keeps going on . . . and on . . . and on.

* (27th) Congratulations to Sharon Ross, Roblan of the Year!

* (27th) And just what city in the county pays its employees the highest wages ? You guessed it.

* (13th) Official map of the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin.

* (13th) The city will soon replace all streetlights with LED's. Can you guess how many there are?

* (13th) Paso Mayor Steve Martin makes thrilling visit to the Pioneer Museum.

* (13th) A big shout out goes to the 17 SkillsUSA Competition gold medal winners from Paso Robles.

* (13th) Local FFA kids also deserve kudos for success.


* (23rd) Groundwater rights ruling creates smiles and frowns.

* (23rd) City shovels were put to work in groundbreaking for the new city park playground and other improvements.

* (23rd) Bearcat girls whip Pioneer Valley in basketball, while Bearcat boys are trounced in wrestling.

* (23rd) Jersey Mike's Subs is now open on Theater Drive.

* (23rd) Rehabilitated golden eagle is released near Santa Margarita thanks to Pacific Wildlife Care.

* (23rd) The biggest news of 2016 so far concerns Applebee's Restaurant in Paso - Fingertip Salad. This story made it around the world.

* (23rd) Let's salute the new Paso Robles City Manager, Tom Frutchey.

* (2nd) Let's all welcome John and Kristin Casillas as they open a new restaurant on 11th Street in the former Chico's location.

* (2nd) 2015's top stories in a paragraph:

* (2nd) Kudos to Scout Pack 92 for having a 'can' do attitude about giving during the needy season.

* (2nd) Betty Scanlan is January's featured artist in Paso Robles. See her watercolors shown in the City Library.

* (2nd) Paso's Phil Dirkx has high praise for Democracy in a big government world.

* (2nd) A new committee will help preserve local history.


* (7th) Atascadero's strong defense helps ransack the Bearcats 31-14 last night.

* (7th) County Supervisor Eric Michielssen posits his views about the North County water basin and the 5-year drought.

* (7th) County Supervisor Debbie Arnold voices her opinion on the current water basin proposals, as well. 

* (7th) Attention all military veterans! Winifred Pifer School is hosting their annual Verterans Day Assembly on Tuesday at 1:30  to honor those who served. Kids singing patriotic songs should bring out the rest of the population, as well. The question is: why aren't the other schools making this invitation, also? Not enough veterans to go around?

* (7th) Water rates continue to climb . . . and climb . . . and climb - for the whole county.

* (7th) Paso's Paderewski Festival continues through this weekend.

* (7th) The local planning commission nixes proposed assisted-living facility - building is too tall.

* (7th) Former NFL player Dennis Harrah opens new fitness center in Paso Robles.

* (7th) Bearcat Athletic Hall of Fame adds four new members.

* (7th) How has Paso Robles changed since the first Pioneer Day Parade 85 years ago? Phil Dirkx opines.



* (19th) Bearcats "monster" game ends sadly last night.

* (19th) Did you know that 1/3 of San Miguel's population is kids? Great reason to expand the city park.

* (19th) Voters and property owners will have input in new water district formation.

* (19th) Georgia Brown principal will say her goodbyes soon.

* (19th) Local trash pickup will start costing almost 5% more in 2016, 5% more in 2017, 5% more in 2018, 5% more in 2019 and 5% more in 2020.

* (19th) Paso Robles registered sex offenders are rejoicing at this news:

* (19th) Phil Dirkx is worried about the future for area children.

* (19th) Finally! You can now charge your Tesla in downtown Paso Robles.



* (21st) Attention readers: Due to the SLO Tribune's new policy of pay-to-play, news links to that source have finally ended. It was a good ride while it lasted but points to the future of most online media.

* (21st) Bearcat athletes receive awards.

* (21st) Cal Fire prohibits all local open burning and fire permits.

* (21st) And just how much does it cost to run a thriving metropolis like Paso Robles? That's a drop in the bucket compared to the County's bank account.

* (21st) Stolen medal of honor being sought after a low-down thief ripped it off.

* (21st) City park improvements are in full swing - pun intended.

* (21st) Annual senior graduation brings emotional celebration.

* (21st) Lavender Festival slated for July 11.


* (24th) Paso Robles groundwater district formation a work in progress.

* (24th) Finally, Centennial Park swimming pool will be reopened after five years.

* (24th) Congratulations to Ron Friberg, recent P51 flight rider. Wow!

* (24th) Fire Chief Ken Johnson offers 5-year improvement plan.

* (24th) Young Eagles offers free experimental aircraft flights for young people May 30, Airport Appreciation Day.

* (24th) High school club donates dollars to local homeless shelter.

* (24th) Ever wonder about those oak trees growing in the middle of some Paso Robles streets?  Phil Dirkx has the answers.


* (4th) County Farm Bureau gives green light endorsement for a Paso Robles Groundwater district.

* (4th) Paso's old claim to fame is alive and well in the city.

* (4th) Steve Martin's new Internet radio station is alive and well.

* (4th) Local fighter pilot authors second book.

* (4th) Wordydave apologizes for this long news hiatus. Life goes on, ready or not.


* (7th) Groundwater issues are still in the news.  Local watchdog Phil Dirkx weighs in.

* (7th) The County Supervisors will let the water ordinance lapse.

* (7th) Did you enjoy the rain?

* (7th) The historic tunnels under Paso Robles are revisited, thanks to David Middlecamp.

* (7th) The city is looking to add another police officer.

* (7th) The annual "Pending 4th of July Celebration" is in dire need of volunteer planners.

* (7th) Is there life after death on Spring Street?  Tonya Strickland looks at the old Fox Theatre.

* (7th) Fifth District Board of Supervisors Chairman Frank Mecham makes headlines - steps down.

* (7th) Three Bearcat stars will be moving on in their football careers.

* (7th) For those of you who think Paso traffic is bad enough. try adding five more trains per week to the mix.


* (24th) Paso's newest mocha-hued development isn't yet finished, but units are selling like lattes at Starbuck's.

* (24th) Harvard University continues putting its money where the grapes are - this time in the Paso Robles area. Latest update here.

* (24th) It's conclusive: there's global warming in Phil's backyard.

* (24th) Great Western Bicycle Rally Launch Party is slated for Jan. 26 on Paso Robles Street.

* (24th) Pittsburg Steelers draft local boy.

* (24th) Bearcat Wrestling goes to the mat in Atascadero, bringing home split matches. Great photo here by Tim Bryan:

* (19th) We've added the complete 1937 El Roble Murmullo yearbook for your viewing pleasure.  Be aware that this is a 20MB .pdf file.

* (10th) Greig Welch has compiled the most important Paso Robles Bearcat Football history statistics, dating from 1919. Great memories for many old-timers and youngsters alike. Thanks, Greig.

Bearcat History

* (10th) New phone scam rearing its head in the area.

* (10th) Yes, insurance rates are falling in Paso Robles.

* (10th) Former mayor Duane Picanco shares thoughts on his long tenure in the spotlight.

* (10th) Please consider helping a local family meet its medical bills for their son Phoenix Wilkinson.





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