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Long May It Wave



* (25th) Get out the duct tape!!!! Santa slasher news!

* (25th) We soon will walk into a new year . May God prepare the way before us, and may we be given the strength, wisdom and hope to weather each storm, improve whatever lot we experience, and give thanks in all things. We live in a sinfully fallen world, but have that wonderful promise of God's creation of a new heavens and earth that knows no sin, pain or death. 


* (23rd) Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving today!

* (23rd) Paso's parking dilemma may be one step closer to a permanent fix.  SLO New Times article.

* (23rd) New half-marathon race debuts downtown.

* (23rd) Veterans honored for their service at Paso Robles Cemetery November 11.

* (23rd) Drink, drive and get tossed in jail this holiday weekend.

* (23rd) The mayor of Paso Robles shares updates on local issues, including the puppy problem.

* (23rd) Let's hear it for the High School athletes Sportsmanship award winners!


* (14th)
TODAY is the 87th Pioneer Day in Paso Robles! Long may it survive in spite of the changing face of this once little burg.

* (14th) The Mayor sounds off on animal welfare in the city.

* (14th) Paso Robles is conducting a random National Citizens Survey as a way to rate the well-being of its environs for future planning. Good idea - horrid choice for a title.

* (14th) Well-written, but anonymous (but for a photo) Open Studio commentary lays bare the conflict between selling and showing ones prized pictures.


* (30th) Paso Robles will celebrate its 87th Pioneer Day in grand style again this year on October 14.

* (30th) The Rotary Club Old Timers BBQ Luncheon will be held at the Event Center ('Fairgrounds' for you old timers) on Thursday, October 12.

* (30th) Not sure this is a good idea.

* (30th) Welcome to Yeowville as Paso's newest 4-story Hotel Ava  will be parked at 10th and Pine Street.

* (30th) Local hospice team is looking for new volunteers.

* (30th) The area is in a housing crisis according to Mayor Steve Martin. Here's his take:

* (30th) Surprisingly few have visited this historic site just a few miles from Paso Robles. Time to make the journey.

* (30th) The Jay Leno gig is on hold for this year. Time to get your money back or chance next year's appearance.

* (30th) The 50's era River Lodge Motel (originally the Suburban), has fallen into disrepair and earned a poor reputation for certain tenant occupancy. The city will try to preserve it or ?

* (2nd) Paso's non-profit Central Coast Bulldogs baseball team has won 5 championships with a 21-2 record this year. Congratulations to these kids and coaches.

* (2nd) Atascadero will make "big bucks" if it approves commercialized cannabis (that's pot for you old timers).

* (2nd) Know someone who needs a new roof? Someone in the county will win this unusual prize.

* (2nd) In honor of Joey Brown, next Saturday's flat track motorcycle racing at the Fairgrounds is sure to be a big success.

* (2nd) Paso Bearcat football head coach Larry Grant has left his position.

* (2nd) Should the River Lodge Motel south of town be preserved or blasted into oblivion? The Historical Society and the Downtown Mainstreet Association say, "NO!"  The San Luis Tribune says, "YES!"

* (2nd) Please pray for Nick, who robbed the local KFC, then returned to buy some of his favorite fare.


* (6th) Sweetest news so far this year - See's Candies comes to town!

* (6th) Pray for those tasked with protecting the citizens and visitors of Paso Robles. Pray also for those caught up in the world of sin and darkness.

* (6th) Big numbers at this year's Mid-State Fair due to big names on stage.

* (6th) New businesses will replace the overgrown lot at 18th and Spring Street starting this year - that's the plan anyway.

* (6th) The Pink Tractor magazine features Dr. Kristina Grewel of Creston.

* (6th) Big haul for the Jr. Livestock Auction at the fair this year. $2,188,063 for 850 animals. Do the math!


* (1st) Independence Day is here. Please PRAY for our country. Our problems are spiritual at the core.

* (1st) Local cannabis limit proposed.

* (1st) Young Eagles Program alive and well in Paso Robles.

* (1st) Mickey Mouse statuettes missing. $2000 reward.

* (1st) City seeks real estate broker to assess best transactional opportunities.

* (1st) Hill Fire near Santa Margarita is 100% contained today. Here's the day-old news update.

* (1st) Mid-State Fair vinegar winners announced. Congratulations to Chaparral Gardens in Atascadero.

* (1st) Hotel, motel and RV visitors will be paying an extra 2% tax (assessment) for the city coffers.

* (1st) More traffic delays for locals slated.


* (10th) Congratulations and welcome to Paso's newest members of a distinguished police force.  There are now 32 officers ready for duty.

* (10th) "Are we talking 10% of net income, or are we talking %30?" Midori Feldman weighs in about California's proposed single-payer health plan.

* (10th) Big concerns surround another proposal - the Jardine Road RV resort and golf course. Video here.

* (10th) Local councilman Fred Strong wins excellence award.

* (10th) Summer is here! Centennial Pool will open June 19. Only a mere and measly $5 to get rid of your kids all day. That's 2000% more than what we paid when yours truly went to the local plunge! Wow! Actually, it's a lot more because the pool is only open for 3 hours now. 

* (10th) Wine district distinctions explained here:

* (10th) Get ready for the Central Coast Pro Open in September at the Templeton Tennis Ranch, a $60,000 event that will host over 80 top-100-300-ranked players.

* (10th) Fallen soldier families are receiving donated Memory Box Project boxes to store and display keepsakes in. Thanks to David Bouillez for his outstanding contribution!

* (10th) Historic 18th and Spring St. property to be transformed into shopping, apartments and restaurant venue.

May - All Month!

* (6th) Congratulations to Cody Wilshusen, who pole vaulted into the the Bearcat girls' record book with a 12'4" leap Thursday in Atascadero.

* (6th) The perennial tragedies happening on Highway 46 are given historical perspective in this Phil Dirkx article. Here's the most recent accident report (with must-read comments).

* (6th) Are political stress levels taking a toll in your life? This may be the sure remedy.

* (6th) City to start saving millions of dollars - but don't expect your local taxes to decline anytime soon. $9.5 million savings over 20 years sounds like a good deal, though.

* (6th) Big City Brother is watching you - yes, you!

* (6th) Cal Poly receives largest gift ever from Paso Robles couple.

* (6th) Did you know the city averages about 4 arrests per day (at least for part of April).

* (6th) Local farmers react to the winter deluge.

* (6th) Improving health - one kid at a time!


* (15th) Paso Red Light Roundup takes a look at what the perps are up to in town.

* (15th) Congratulations to the Paso Robles Press for getting out of the tech dark ages by unfulrling their new website! Wow! Big, bold, beautiful!

* (15th) The after school Zero Barrier program is now in place for fourth to sixth grades in Paso Robles. Wish they had had this when Wordydave was growing up.

* (15th) Applebee's closes its doors. No one can finger it out yet!

* (15th) San Miguel hosts its 27th annual Sagebrush Days extravaganza on April 22.

* (15th) Local firefighters donate equipment and training to Cabo San Lucas Fire Department.

* (15th) Brookdale Senior Living will host a classic car show April 22.

* (15th) Turning down the volume at Mid-State Fair concerts will be a tough sell.

* (1st) Congratulations to Maci Umbertis, one of the top 30 realtors in the country.

* (1st) Kudos to the Bearcat tennis team (11-4) as well.

* (1st) Here's a reminder that all is not well in Paso Robles.

* (1st) Eroica, the third annual vintage bicycle races, take place in Paso on April 7-9.

* (1st) Big facelift for Creston Road is announced. The city wants your 2 cents worth of wisdom before the project begins.

* (1st) Paso Mayor Steve Martin weighs in on the local water situation and other current concerns.

* (1st) Big Dog Jog walking extravaganza is slated for this morning at 9:00 at the Sherwood Dog Park.

* (1st) The long-defunct Our Town housing project east of Ennis Business Forms will be resurrected with new financing and a new developer. Pretty sure it won't be called, Our Town.

* (25th) Public smoking will take a last gasp in Paso Robles on March 23. So limit those bongs and cancer sticks to private places.

* (25th) "Workforce" and low-income property will soon be available on the Chandler Ranch property east of town.

* (25th) Two Bearcat wrestlers advance to CIF-SS Masters meet.

* (25th) Congratulations to Leticia's First Class Cleaning service for donating time to clean cancer survivors' homes.

* (25th) Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (Templeton) airs legislative plans, including a bill that looks at repurposing the desalinization plant at Diablo Canyon.

* (25th) Bearcat girls water polo team advances to semi-finals. An historic first. That was a Wednesday match. Who won? Can't find the results.

* (18th) Bearcat girls advance to quarter finals in water polo.

* (18th) Pro-illegal immigrant day sparks closure of a number of Paso businesses and participation in school absenteeism. 

* (18th) Dick Rutan, aviator-extraordinaire, recently visited the Warbird Museum.

* (18th) Big storms rolling through the area are causing consternation , collisions and general power outage crankiness.

* (18th) After an 8 year run, the Paso Arts Fest is only a brush-stroked memory on the canvas of life.

* (18th) Want to review local school curriculum? You have that opportunity until February 28.

* (18th) Phil Dirkx updates us on the north county's two water district proposal.

* (4th) The old Boys School new use plans are being formulated.

* (4th) The state of the City's finances is now on record.  Yes, the General Funds income rose by $10 million  since last year.

* (4th) Former NFL linebacker, Larry Grant, will pilot the Bearcat football team as head coach.

* (4th) Honor Flight Central Coast California is seeking veterans for their flights to visit the war memorials  in Washington, DC.

* (4th) Yippy! New tennis court resurfacing is scheduled for Paso's courts!

* (4th) Praise the God of storms and rain. The lakes are filling.

* (4th) Who can say "no" to another doughnut shop in Paso Robles?

* (4th) Hugh Pitts celebrated as Roblan of the Year! Congratulations are in order!

* (4th) Downtown mural program will be adding the old T&D Theatre to its growing repertoire. 

* (4th) # 5 in the nation's best hotels is in little Paso Robles.

* (4th) Local PR grad, Micahal Tarwater, proudly served as a military guard at the inauguration.






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