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Long May It Wave


* (29th)  The latest news about the city buying the old Boys School property:

* (29th)  Upscale BBQ may by your ticket - or not. $6 to $16.

* (29th)  Lights out in Paso, albeit briefly. Traumatic enough to merit headlines, though.

* (29th)  Here's a nostalgic front page look at New Year's 1946 as seen in an old issue of The Paso Robles Journal.

* (29th)  More big news: broken fire hydrant puts on quite a show in front of Panda Express!

* (24th)  "And you shall call His name, Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins." - Matthew 1:21. 
MERRY CHRISTMAS as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus the Messiah.

* (24th)  Here's a brief history of Paso's hot springs.

* (24th)  The city's voter re-districting problem has been 'solved.'


* (14th)  Welcome to Trevor Aguilar, Paso's newest police department recruit.

* (14th)  Outgoing School Superintendent Chris Williams to receive $200,000 in severance pay. Side note: big budget cuts are looming.

* (14th)  The latest United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket lift-off has been rescheduled to Dec. 18. Keep those cameras handy!

* (14th)  Your help is needed to redraw new voting districts, starting this month and continuing through January.

* (14th)  Paso Robles crime stats for the end of November:

* (14th)  Paso doctor John Blaney featured on the Great American Baking Show.

* (14th)  Highlights from the last City Council meeting:

* (14th)  Have you tried the new tri-tip restaurant on Park Street? Check it out. Stein's BBQ Co.


* (27th) "A Train Runs Through It" will be the new theme as proposals are being made for Paso's railroad district and Railroad Street.

* (27th) Thanksgiving dinner in the Park continues to feed 1000 folks again this year thanks to the many volunteers who make it possible.

* (27th) Girls trafficked for sex is alive and thriving in the county. Be aware and know the signs.

* (27th) Another survey ranks the city as one of the 25 coolest places to be in America.

* (27th) Here's a great look at a day in 1914 and Paso Robles history, including an article on Paderewski buying his ranch west of town. Click on the image to see the large version.

* (27th) The annual Paderewski Festival is just around the corner.

* (27th) Ramping up the rampage against Republicans is caught on video in Paso Robles. Pray for the haters on both sides.

* (16th) Congratulations to this year's Pioneer Day royalty, Grand Marshal Bob Tullock and Queen JoAnn Arnold Switzer.

* (16th) As King Solomon says, "There is nothing new under the sun." The perennial parking problem in Paso Robles has been in a decade-long debate that is still being wrangled.

* (16th) The reason why Paso will never be the same little old sleepy berg it was once upon a time:        

* (16th) Plans for a five to ten year project for a 250 acre touristy garden across from  the Hwy 46 golf course have folks swinging. See comments.

* (16th) Big win for Bearcats!

* (16th) Pioneer Day Kick-Off Party slated.



* (23rd) Let's double the 1400 hotel rooms in Paso - Let's build a Convention Center  - a first for SLO county!

* (23rd) Missing pup reunited with distraught family.

* (23rd) It's official - 101 things to like about Paso Robles. Very interesting that wineries were not mentioned.

* (23rd) Record setting heat due today.

* (23rd) The Mid-State Fair will be closing its doors July 29. Here' s the schedule for the last day.

* (23rd) The joys and fears of graduating from High School. Paso High story here:  

* (23rd) Congratulations to Beckett Anderson - high school senior given full scholarship to the Air Force Academy.

* (23rd) Phil Dirkx remembers when Paso Robles was Almond Country, not Wine Country.


* (5th) It's official: Paso Robles will remain a sanctuary city within our sanctuary state. Unanimous vote.

* (5th) 1 million gallons of Nacimiento Lake water spills after pipeline mishap.

* (5th) Paso Robles Daily News is now on Apple News app.

* (5th) Preschoolers plant tree on Arbor Day.

* (5th) Congratulations to Debbie Sharp, Paso's Library Volunteer of the Year.

* (5th) These kids deserve a round of applause for their hard work and willingness to get their hands dirty. Although, they were probably wearing protective gloves during the fray.

* (5th) Paso High grad is now local police officer. Welcome officer Pierce the next time you see him.


* (14th) If your world isn't enough of a circus already, head to the airport April 20 to see the real deal. Uh, oh! The event has been cancelled without explanation.

* (14th) Here we go again - another battle over another development and another concern over water supply. Paso's perpetual motion machine at work.

* (14th) Solving the mercury pollution dilemma at the Buena Vista Mine is an ongoing concern.

* (14th) New upscale restaurant is dog friendly.

* (14th) Time to say goodbye to Dr. Bryant. He will be missed.

* (14th) Public parking in Paso is a perpetual issue. Another problem solving meeting is slated for April 16.

* (14th) Please pray for this kid.

* (14th) Plea to our elected officials:  Forget the bullet train and make California roads safer. FINALLY, the State is going to FIX the Cholame death intersection.


* (17th) Fights break out at Paso High as students honor Parkland, FL dead.

* (17th) Are Paso schools prepared for the worst?

* (17th) County crime ain't what it used to be!

* (17th) Downtown parking is still a huge problem. The solution hiatus may soon be over . . . or not.

* (17th) In defense of a strong militia and private gun ownership, Roblan Al Fonzi speaks out.

* (17th) Get yourself over to the Pioneer Museum and see the spankin' new Barbed Wire exhibit. Congratulations, museum volunteers.

* (17th) Paso's newest mural is unveiled. It's between 12th and 13th and Spring streets.

* (17th) What's so special about the county? Put it in poetry and win a somewhat prize!

* (17th) The end of an era is underway in Oak Park, as the remaining original north end units have been razed in preparation for new ones. This is where yours truly WordyDave was born and raised. Goodbye, Oak Park as we knew it.


* (3rd) Local hotel ranked #1 in the United States. Congratulations!

* (3rd) Tom Madden named Roblan of the Year.

* (3rd) The Home, Garden and Gourmet Expo extravaganza is slated to start February 24 at the Event Center in Paso.

* (3rd) Barney Schwartz Park gets a new $200,000 playground for kids of all ages.

* (3rd) Rifle manufacturer Weatherby, Inc. is moving from Paso Robles to Wyoming after almost 30 years on Commerce Way. You probably know why.

* (3rd) Remembering Paso's beloved 2017 Pioneer Day Grand Marshal Daryl Stinchfield who went to his eternal place of praise January 21, 2018.


* (6th) Winter always brings its ample share of residence fires, including this one in Paso Robles.

* (6th) Happy New Year to the new year babies in San Luis Obispo County. Drinking pineapple juice worked for the Paso Robles mom.

* (6th) Mr. Fonzi is in the saddle again, brandishing the popular rant of a government gone wild - the Fonz at his best.

* (6th) I guess this kind of news is good news on a slow news day in Paso. Murder it ain't.

* (6th) It's a new year and none of us knows what it will bring. May the God of glory be your hope and strength in all of the ups and downs on the path.






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