Let's hear it for cousin Robert as he becomes the latest family member to enter the Youth of Old Age time of his life. We celebrated the occasion with wonderfully delicious tri-tip and healthy veggies and fruit dishes. Topping it off were the famous chocolate coated strawberries that are a staple at any party he throws!

In tribute to his quirk-filled, zany life, we congratulate this elementary school teacher for his propensity for laughter, his self-discipline when he wants to kill one of his students, and his lifelong refusal to grow up.


Bob grew up in Paso Robles and ended up in the Sacramento area. His wild and wooly life has rewarded him with four kids and his better half, Becky. Maybe our congratulations should be to her for putting up with him!


Cousin "Bingo Bob" Robert


Back in the 50’s when I was a twerp
And wore my six-guns like Wyatt Earp,
I’d walk down the street with a gun-totin’ stare,
Looking for a fight — in my underwear.

Living on 12th Street was pretty darn tough,
With three brothers yelling, “Stay out of my stuff!”
The best I could do since I was a tyke
Was throw more spaghetti and blame it on Mike!

Sherwood Acres was lots of fun —
Baseball, football and the Flying Nun.
And even though low on the totem-pole,
I got to eat plenty of Mom’s casseroles.

And then we moved to Capitol Hill —
With fewer neighbors to shock, awe and thrill.
High school and girls took up most of my time,
Along with my hobby of flirting with crime.

Soon I’d be winging it all on my own,
Living at Grandma’s but feeling alone.
While sailing a sea without a shore,
I had no clue of what was in store.

And here’s where the story takes a huge twist,
Because God with a power I couldn't resist,
Stretched out His arms and held me so near —
His love and forgiveness replaced all my fear!

  And since then His blessings have showered my life
With wonderful kids and a perfect wife.
But, Lord, when I think about moving again,
Please let it be UP to that mansion in heaven!