A Nevada Cowpuncher to His Beloved

Lonesome? Well, I guess so!
This place is mighty blue;
The silence of the empty rooms
Jes' palpitates with --- you.

The day has lost its beauty,
The sun's a-shinin' pale;
I'll round up my belongin's
An' I guess I'll hit the trail.

Out there in the sage-brush
A-harkin' to the "Coo-oo"
Of the wild dove in his matin'
I can think alone of you.

Perhaps a gaunt coyote
Will go a-lopin' by
An' linger on the mountain ridge
An' cock his wary eye.

An' when the evenin' settles,
A-waitin' for the dawn,
Perhaps I'll hear the ground owl [sing]:
"She's gone - she's gone - she's gone!"






Cowboy Love Magazine