Jerry Jones for City Council

"I feel that to do this job effectively requires more than a part time member with other obligations. I am prepared to do just that with the participation and input of you, the citizenry of Paso Robles."

Jones for Council


  Resident of Paso Robles since 1944, (except for a stint in the Navy and six years in the state of Washington)

  Past Director of Legislative Affairs, Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce

  Past Vice President, Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce

  Liaison between PRCC and County of San Luis Obispo

  Authored several articles for PRCC regarding No-Growth vs Pro-Growth in San Luis Obispo County

  Past Chairman and co-chairman of Agri-Businesss Tour

  Past Co-chairman of California John Deere Dealer Council

  Past member of Governor's Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board (State of Washington)

  Past member of NWSTC (Northwest Safety Training Council) Steering Committee

  Past Chairman ARCO Contractor Safety Council

  Retired member of ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers)

  Written and published several agricultural-based articles, including extensive research papers on techniques, management and results of No-Till farming practices.

  Performed research and development on behalf of John Deere for Lanai Diversified Co. on the island of Lanai with respect to the change in farming practices from sugar cane to field crops.