Our neck of the woods features the yearly concert band (a friend of ours plays trombone) on a soccer field in a proverbial 'Our Town' setting.

More and more show up each year, the larger churches and other groups staking out their territory long before the event starts. Tables with potluck fare, KFC buckets, flags and flowers. Small coolers with sandwiches and drinks. A few BBQ's.

The Girl Scouts handed out small flags and programs. Entertainment included a country western M.C., the mayor, a local teen singing 'America the Beautiful' and 'The Star Spangled Banner, a tap-dancing troupe, the Knights of Columbus bearing the colors, a blues band, and other stuff.

Patriotic shirts displayed the primary colors of red, white and blue. Hats sported little flags. Kids took part in marching around the park.

Your small town celebration, reflecting a big United States. No preaching. No 'Let's kill those dirty rotten sons of pigs.'  No need.

Fire Gear 84k    In the Truck 63k    Headlights 55k



Crowd 114k  Parade Kids 115k  More Kids 79k

  Fire Boys 78k  Angel Flagger 78k  Firetruck Kid 45k 

Big Flag 96k  Firetruck Boy 91k  Big Flag 72k

Big Panorama 90k

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