From George Phillips -

Mrs. Butler has held a very special place in my heart since I was a scrawny little boy, and she was my much adored third grade teacher.

Mrs. Butler was my public school teacher at the old Methodist Church at 14th & Oak where we attended school in 1954.  I always considered her the best teacher I ever had; she was gifted with the talent and unique ability to help me understand because I wanted to learn.  As some of my old classmates know, I was not the most attentive or the smartest kid on the block.  Maybe it was because Mrs. Butler had such a kind nature or maybe it was because I considered her to be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my 9 years; in either case, I was totally ‘twitter-pated’ and have remained so for the past 54 years.
My much adored teacher became my guardian angel on a day a group of us boys were playing basketball on a concrete slab in the courtyard.  I was running full out and was accidentally tripped by my good friend Mike Gates. I landed on my head and was out cold for about 10 minutes with a skull fracture and concussion - when I woke up, Mrs. Butler was holding me in her lap and cuddling me like one of her own children. I felt like she was my guardian angel. I don’t remember how I ended up at the hospital but I do remember the experience of the spinal tap and the doctor showing me the x-ray of a 5 inch fracture in my skull.  I also remember that Mrs. Butler visited me in the hospital and at home many times before I was able to return to school.
For the next five years she would periodically call my mother just to hear about me.  Over the remainder of my high school years we lost touch, but I am sure she was watching my hoodlum years and praying that somehow I might graduate and not end up in prison. Over the past 30 years we would call each other occasionally to touch base, and even when she was diagnosed with cancer and going through her treatments, she never complained.  I still consider Mrs. Butler my guardian angel and I know there are many others who have the same adoration and respect for such a wonderful teacher, mother and friend.
We know she will be missed immensely by everyone, but Heaven has the Best of the Best Angelic Teacher now!! 
Peace of the Lord to her family - George and Diana