Jesse and Mallory came all the way from Atascadero to watch the parade, wave their flags and feel like cowpokes. 

Local Lions Club bean burners at work. Get out the Motrin and Icy Hot for these early morning oarsmen. Hats off to all for not revealing that old secret recipe that keeps everyone coming back for more!

Yes, it's the real Borax 20 Mule Team and Wagons. These rigs were used in the early years to haul grain to San Miguel, Paso Robles and Templeton.

Mallory models on the deserted Pioneer Belle float behind the Museum after the parade.
Larry Radka organized the branding event at the Paso Robles  Pioneer Museum. Unfortunately, or fortunately for some, the smell of burning hide was replaced with burning wood.

Other activities included:

-Watching wood carvers in action.
-Making butter in a washing machine.
-Seeing wheat weaving, pine-needle basket making and egg painting.
-Watching the blacksmith shoe a horse.
-Marveling at all those miniature engines in Pioneer Park.
-Shelling and grinding corn.
-Digging for ancient artifacts like arrowheads.
-Enjoy some old-fashioned haybaling.

"Pull that whistle cord, son!"

This old steam engine produced the power for this train whistle, which could be heard way across the river --- all afternoon!


Over 600 people visited the Pioneer Museum where the restored Geneseo school house was dedicated at 2 p.m.


Mayor Frank Mecham and Dr. Bob Bryant attend to ceremonial duties.
The Chandler family receives thanks.
A commemorative plaque will honor the donors. Or maybe it tells us what all that bright blue tape is holding up!
What's a restoration project without faithful volunteers! Thanks to Jerry Bonnifield, Bob Bryant, Skip Carey, Cyril Carol, Jim Erickson, Jack Guffey, Ron Hodel, Roy Marzorini, Bill Minshull, Larry Radka, Gary Smith, Dave Steaffens and Keith Testerman.

The next big event at the Pioneer Museum is the 13th annual Paso Gathering November 5 and 6. This is a first-class Western Art and Cowboy Gear Show and Sale.

Thanks also goes to Ginnie Guffey who donated this year's Pioneer Day photos.