Former High School

Some of us live many miles from our alma mater. And sometimes our when we visit, we take the 24th Street exit from Hwy 101 and drive west over the railroad tracks toward the old school that holds the good, bad and sometimes ugly memories of high school.

Built in 1924, and renovated in 1959, Paso High couldn't stand up to a large earthquake without taking some major hits. Careful assessment and investigation of the main building has led the school and city to move classes elsewhere until a new structure can be raised.

The auditorium in the main building is severely cracked. The old stage most likely be replaced with a new one, but will never host another cast like this 1958 gathering for the play, "Father's Been to Mars."

Father's Been To Mars


And there will be no competition in a new building when it comes to Christmas caroling in the halls. I don't even think you can say, 'Christmas' anymore. This would have been a better picture if these girls didn't have to hold sheets with the words on them, don't you think? Of course, trying to memorize carols in Latin would have to reduced the number of carolers to one --- Miss Zapf.

Miss Zapf Leads Caroling



With sadness we report that over 90 businesses have been closed in downtown Paso. It will be months before some store owners will be allowed to reenter their establishments. Tragedy, bravery, patience and hope. Paso Robles will never be the same for all of us.