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Went into work at 6 and took off about 9:30 to go to Sacramento July 26. Great pep rally with lots of booths, hand outs, t-shirts, stickers, jazz band, flags and red, white and blue the main colors. Plus about 1000 people or so.

All the main players were there. Howard Kaloogian who's behind the website, the woman talk show host who started the whole idea, numerous other talk show people, including Mark Williams from KFBK and Roger Hedgecock from San Diego. Also Darrell Issa, Bill Simon, Tom McClintock and other Reps.

 Also the Libertarian Party head and a Democrat who's running against Davis. A big mix of folk.

Anyway it was HOT!!!! But it must have loosened everyone up so there was a lot of cheering and carrying on during the speeches.

Halfstaff Capitol

Hope you enjoy this mishmash of news reporting and photos. I'm bigger on pushing the shutter than grinding out details and opinions in galley form, so you won't learn whose side I'm on. Or will you? If you need more info on the latest news to the recall website which links to all the newspaper stories and photos of the day.

Davis Supporters
The Opposition
Recall Supporters
More Opposition
Recall Supporters
Support Group
Cash for Bash
CHP Officer
Your Friendly Guy
Mark Williams
of KFBK in
Kids' Stuff
Stuff for Kids to Do
Jazz Band
Shaky Lives Jazz
From The Steps
View from the Podium
on the North Steps
Host Speaker
Howard Kaloogian,
The Crowd Loved
Every Speech,
Whether Democrat
or Republican
Audie Bock
Dem Candidate,
Former Assembly-
woman Audie Bock
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Faithful Flagster
Darrell Issa
Darrell Issa,
the Man with the
Recall Money
Flag Face and Brother
Flag-Faced Supporter
Disabled Vet
Pea Shooter
One of Four Big
Lens Girls Taking
Tom McClintock
Senator Tom McClintock
More Happy Faces
More Happy Faces
McClintock Family
McClintock Family
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Panorama from Steps
A High Price
The Price of the
Status Quo
Bill Simon
Bill Simon and Wife
The Simon Family
The Simon Family
Flag Sweating Lady
Red, White and Blue
In Your Face
AP Photographer
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