The All 60's reunion is in the final stages
of fruition as the invitations are being mailed hither and yon. This will be a big project, so thanks to everyone working behind the scenes to bring us the greatest get-together yet!

Please check the Missing Classmates listings to see if you're on one of them. Maybe you recognize some names and know where these people are. Please contact them FIRST before sending their phone number or address to the reply P.O. Box. Some folks want to remain unreachable, and that's okay. Let them make the decision.

Attendance is limited to 1000 guests, so make plans as soon as possible. Click on the following links to see the invitation, missing people pages and contact page:

Invitation Page

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Missing '60-'62

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Missing '63-'66

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Missing  '67-'69

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Contacts for Lodging

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