* Please visit the Voice of Paso website for
informed commentary on the recent earthquake along
with some quality photos.

* There's also a number of All 60's Reunion pictures

* Wordydave has joined the weblog craze.
We'll see how long it lasts. This is a crack at
the creative cache that will hopefully keep him at
arm's length from Alzheimer's Disease and
other atrophying maladies. Yeah, right!
It will help if you like words, poetry and all that
stuff you had a love or hate relationship
with in high school. 
Wordydave's Wamblings

, courtesy of a number of news sources.
Accompanied by secondhand commentary --- mine.

* Shouldn't we be more truthful and rename this
month "Hectember?" Not for 'heck' but for
'hectic.' It's all part of a giant conspiracy, which is
then subdivided into little conspiracies.
Let's try putting the Luke chapter 2 quotient into
the equation again and let our season's smiles be much
more meaningful.

* This is a good time to remember those hot summer
days at the beach. Maybe Avila in 1948 when
your grandfather and dad tossed you back
and forth in the air while the womenfolk yelled
and screamed. Here's a rare color photo of Wordydave
having the time of his short life. 

Buzz-Dave-Don-1948-AvilaBeach-02.jpg (36122 bytes)

* Of note concerning the Christmas spirit
in Paso, this is from the Police Blotter in the newspaper:
11:58 p.m. Barney Schwartz Park - theft- cell phone
dropped and is now being held by the finder who
wants money in return
." Oooookay . . . . so much
for "doing unto others as we would want
them to do unto us." 

* Thanks to Gary Smith for this great
and unusual
class photo. This one is circa 1946
in the Oak Park day care center.

* For family only. We're putting our
old photos into new albums and have a few you
probably haven't seen before. Your kids may
get a kick out of them, anyway.

* Did you hear about the Bearcat team
the played
international soccer? Find out about
it here.

* Great San Bernardino fire pictures
 with commentary at
Matt Artz' website. Page Four
won't load, plus a photo or two, but maybe he'll
fix them. Oh, and here's a picture of my friend,
Dan Hausauer, who went with a strike team to
the Old Fire from Clements, CA.

* Just where are all of those 50 million
little spy cameras sold this past year? In your hotel
room? At work? For a mere $34.95 you can
buy a
bugscanner and some peace of mind.

* Cousin, Steve Foxe has a website worth
checking if you like big dogs or old Jeepsters.
Steve was born and raised in San Luis before
moving to Marysville, Chico, the Navy and beyond.

* Vacation pictures and comments have finally been
posted. Featured places: Atascadero, Pismo, Avila,
and Morro Bay beaches. A bit of Cambria is also
in the mix.

* Another Pioneer Day trademarks Paso Robles as
the city of great traditions. Hats off to those who made
this one of the best, including Him who gave such
perfect weather. Not too many parade pictures, though.
They're almost the same every year anyway.

* Finally a chance to get the All 60's Reunion
pictures online. Thanks to everyone who worked
so feverishly to guarantee its success. Lots
of names to list for sure. If someone would send
me a list, I'll post it.

* It's time to end any mystery as to who WordyDave
truly was and is, so here goes:

* Pioneer Day and the All 60's Reunion are
right around the corner. See you there, Lord willing.

* If you want to see what kind of pictures people
are posting about Paso, you'll find over 100 right

* Did you know that one of the most famous women
in history never existed? Find out who, here: 

* Be sure to check out the Atascadero Fall Flea Market
next Saturday, Sept. 20, if you're in the area.
More than 130 vendors will be selling thousands
of items to about one thousand people, so
bring your hard-earned cash to the historic Sunken
Gardens Park to find that item you really don't need
but will buy anyway.

* F.Y.I. This year's Junior Livestock Auction
at the Mid-State Fair received $1,662,329.53, which
is 21.1% more than last year. Overall concessions
revenue was up 1.4% and the carnival took in 1.8% more
than last year. Yet the total attendance was
DOWN 4.2%. This proves our economy is stronger than
last year's. Guess we can vote
NO on the recall after

* How about another Paso history lesson? Learn
all about the venerable past of
Police Department
giants and their customers. Thanks to Keith Tarwater's
article in the 1995 edition of Pioneer Pages. 

* Bob Dylan's Paso grandstand appearance
is not to be outdone by the
Do Wop Horses quartet,
which will most likely take top billing at next year's
Mid-State Fair. Be sure to click on a horse to
start or stop him (or her) from singing.
Another show-stopper is my favorite:
The Singing Cow.

* Put your name in the history books as witness
to the
Great Governor Recall here in California. I
played reporter last month and braved the heat and
huge crowd to bring you some pictures.

* Time to jump into the ring with the rest
of those old people who actually survived the '60s. The
ALL-60's REUNION news has been updated with an invitation and lists of missing
class members. Sign up now to ensure your seat along
with others from the 2nd greatest generation.

* Happy 4th of July, America!
Kids, read a good history book (a pre-revisionist version) to see where you come from and why. Or
visit a third world country for a few weeks.

* Say goodbye to Spring Street's A & W Root Beer
.  Say hello to the 21st Street Drive-In.
Looks like the 44 year tradition will remain intact.

* Thinking about retiring to Paso Robles?
Move back to the ol' hometown? Enjoy the pleasures
of low-cost living? You might want to consider
  Coalinga instead. Paso Real Estate  

* Try Pasoclick.com for snippets
of daily news, a bunch of recent downtown 
Paso pictures, upcoming events and some 
Paso High Homecoming shots.

* Another local web venue is MyPasoRobles.com,
featuring local events, businesses and announcements.

* The Latest Scoop highlights some of Paso's
current news. This will definitely be a departure
from CNN and Fox News.




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